LFCS Certification Method

Hey All,

I am in the process of studying/preparing for the Linux Foundation Certified System Admin test and was wondering if anyone who took it and passed had some insight/wisdom to pass on. I’m aware it’s a two hour test, but is it at a testing center, on your computer, etc?

I’m brushing up on VIM tutor, which I know is a weakpoint for me, but my goal is to only have to take it once.

This will the be culmination of a long journey from Windows gamer to being a proficient Linux user and hopefully getting work in that field. Thanks!

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I am also studying for this cert using the Linux Foundation’s course. The test is 2-2.5 hours and it is tested remotely. You will need to run Chrome and install a plugin. You will need a Mic and a Camera. It will basically lock you into the Chrome Browser and you will not be able to get out of it until you finish testing.

You will be DQed if you talk with outside persons or look like you are looking at other sources during the test. So lock yourself away from people and outside sounds.

I am actually learning some things in the course but I have been using GNU/Linux since '99 and full time since 2003. So you mileage may vary. I don’t know anyone who has taken this personally as most of the people tend to take the RedHat equivalent. The test is just like the RedHat tests where you are given X scenarios and you must attempt to complete them in the a lotted time.

You may want to check the r/linuxadmin subreddit and search for LFCS.


Appreciate it, I did Wendell’s course on Udemy and one other one, I’m planning on going back through those. Hopefully going to take the test next week (Schedule permitting).

Thanks for the tip on checking out the reddit. I’ll take a peak.

I bought Wendell’s course but did not go through it. He did mention that if you have been using Linux for a while, it may have no value but like the LFCS course, there are some simple things that I though I knew but in actuality, I had not scratched the surface.

I need to go over Wendell’s course when I am done with this. I only want to test once, if you know what I mean. I know I will need to sink time into the Engineer course and that will take me a little longer to get ready for; I want to go into that with solid foundations as that test will have you writing scripts and some code (allegedly).