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LF simple way to locally backup steam saves

I’m looking to be able to backup my steam saves locally and not be reliant on the steam cloud software which seems to only work on certain games. Is there any program out there that is able to search for save files and backup to an external HDD. I looked at freefilesync but it seems you have to target each one. Thoughts?

I just use simple copy/paste directly from the steam game’s save folder to a another local folder. I did this recently with Dead Cells to savescum a run because F that game.

Optionally you can use syncthing to synchronize the copied save game folder to another computer on the network or even over the internet.

I use a tool out there called Steam Library Manager.

It’s been archived, but the latest build still works.

You can backup, copy, move and compress the games, all fairly simply.

I just found GameSaveManager and am gonna give that a try for a week or so and see how I like it. This will likely be my next option though. Thanks!

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