LF Overwatch Frands

I bought overwatch the other day and have been playing a bit, looking for some folks to play with to show me the ropes and stuff. Been maining Mercy and playing Reinhart when we have enough healers.


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k, I main pharah and lucio. I dabble into other heroes if you can tell by my clips

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The most beginner-friendly character would be Soldier: 76 Try giving him a try. If you're into camping, you might wanna give Ana, Widowmaker or Hanzo a try. A standard tank to shoot, absorb damage with a shield would be Orisa. and if you just like to hit enemies from the back, create chaos and vanish, try Sombra.

Well I'm more of a support player in PvP style games when possible... I.E. in WoW I prefer to heal BG's/Arenas and Tank dungeons although I DPS raids and PvP a good bit too. That said I'm having a ton of fun with Mercy. Haven't played reinhart much.

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Think most of the forums and blogs and lists i've been to feel reinhardt is op. his shield? maybe. every other aspect of the character? doesn't seem that way to me. yea mercy is fun. be wary of genjis tho, they keep asking for healing

lucio is crazy fun with his wall riding just make sure to rebind your jump to a convenient place.

holding down space on a wall allows him to stay on the wall. Jumping off a wall gives lucio a speed boast that stacks when you jump on to other walls.

better guide

I remapped most of my lucio abilities on to my mouse
mwheel up heal tune
mwheel down speed
right click jump
mbutton 4 melee
mbutton 5 boop