LF Browser plug-ins for safe, efficient, effective browsing

For years I have been using AdBlock Plus for blocking intrusive ads and I feel like it no longer works as well as it once did, many ads seem to make it through. Is this the same across the internet or is there a new go-to?

While on the topic, what other browser plug-ins do you find yourself using often? I’ve been looking into an https everywhere type plugin, imgur preview, etc but would like to hear from those who already have used them? Thanks for your input.

I use uBlock Origin, along with uMatrix. uMatrix is probably overkill, and is sometimes a real pain since it has to be setup for each and every domain you visit, but it lets me know exactly what different websites are using.

Other extensions I like include the Wayback machine, HTTPs everywhere, Steam DB, and Bitwarden. Then there are some that I am not attached to any one implementation at the moment but like to have around- AdFly skipper, copy as plain text, script runner(tampermonkey), add google view image button, video playback speed control.

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I am using what privacytools.io recommends for plug-ins and some user agent changer.

I also use noscript as it is more simpler than uMatrix (lazy bastard here). It breaks more sites but I just put them on temporary whitelist.

I use uMatrix and HTTPS Everywhere and that’s about all. I would recommend HTTPS Everywhere to anybody. I don’t often recommend uMatrix and when I do I’m usually talking to a person with at least some web development experience.