Levono Y500 SLI worth buying?

Hello there,

I am a 17 year old student from The Netherlands and I am buying a new laptop next week and i found the Lenovo y500 SLI for 1088 Euro (full specs below). So my question is it worth buying because i need to do some Unity 3D on it for school and video rendering for my youtube channel and ofcource gaming. So can you guys recommend me another laptop that is better for the same price or is this the best pick for my +-1000 euro budget.

Levono y500 SLI Specs

CPU-type Intel Core i7 3630QM

Videochip GeForce GT650M x2 (SLI)

RAM 16GB DDR3 @1600mhz

SSD 16GB (for Cache)

HDD 1TB @5400rpm

Display 15,4" 1920x1080

I know there are problems with the trackpad but that does not really matter to me.



I think it is one of the best laptops for gaming for $1000.  I think that a 675mx would be better gpu but they are expensive