Levono Love?

heres the short version,
ive got a shop owner that we got a levono system for a year or so ago,
it came with a 500gb hdd
its been high time that we slop an ssd in there.

so i did just that, we cloned and migrated his C: to the ssd.

heres the catch,
IF the original HDD is REMOVED from the system.
the power to the system will just POOF and die about every 15 or so minutes.
no blue screen no error log, poof black and reboot.

i had thought, thats impossible to be the cause from a disk drive,
you can yank a disk drive out during operation and itll just buffer out then bluescreen on windows.

but for the hell of it, i sent back the ssd, and got a replacement ssd (samsung 500gb 850 pro)

this time i left the old drive set the bios to boot to the ssd. and removed the dvd player
as the mobo only has 2x sata ports.

the system ran flawless for 2 weeks.

TODAY, i took the old hdd OUT, and put the dvd back in.
and low and behold. the system just up and kills power to itself.

my ONLY remote IDEA,
is that the 18 WATT difference .... (going on a limb here)
that 18 watts is just enough on the threshold that the psu (250wmax)
thinks the system is off? ????
and thus decides to stop supplying juice to the system


unless levono is just being a righteous cunt and found some way to lock their hardware into the system ??

Lemme guess, you can not use another power supply can you? The computer is probably full of proprietary connections.

My money is on Lenovo being terrible.


you can use another power supply but it won't be easy.
1st check to see the wires on the psu are correctly color coded.

if it's not like the image above then you'll need to use a voltmeter to find the pinout. then get a atx extension cable and re-pin the moulex connector to match the pinout of the lenovo.

that said I would say it's only worth it if the system is running a i5-2500k or somthing like that. other wise putting an expensive SSD in it is just a waste.

other wise putting an expensive SSD in it is just a waste.

the person that owns that store is tired of waiting 5 minutes to boot up
Not to mention waiting on any of the miscellaneous crap that he has to load up Microsoft Outlook Excel stuff and what not X cetera

I guarantee you guys do not even remember the horrors of living life before solid state drives

Even trying to open Google Chrome and navigate to YouTube on that old 500 gig hard drive was a nightmare

Getting anything done on that old drive even though the processor still has horsepower in spades

When I have something other than my cell phone at my disposal I will go through my order history and link the exact model of that computer although it is listed in the photograph on my first post

Ah, i5-2320 right on the side plate

Hmm think I've worked on one of these if not something very similar. IIRC the power supplies are a royal pain in the ass to replace, pretty much had to disassemble everything to fit it in. But I think we found a dell 250w power supply out of a slim dell tower and it worked just fine.

The power supply is fine,
The issue is,

When stock hdd is Not connected.
System shuts down every ten-fifteen minutes
In such a manor that is inconsistent with anything except a power outtage

It was just purely theoretical in my mind

that possibly the lower 18 watt consumption would throw the power supply into confusion
and make it , Assume the computer was trying to enter a sleep state
so therefore the power supply would shut off

Have you tested it all with a different power supply?

Odd, I always replace the drives if they have been running over a certain amount of hours, but can't say if I had this happen before on that particular desktop.

I have not , tried a new psu,
I don't really see a point we have basically skirted around the issue by ignoring it completely and leaving the stock unit still connected to the motherboard

This is not a hardware problem

I am very certain this is some type of safeguard implemented by at the levono company to ensure people do not remove the stock hard drive

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I will forever be in the X200 Thinkpad masterrace cult But their recent products of the last two years or so? Nonononono HELL NO, I'd rather buy HP or Dell

After my IBM 600X I got a Lenovo B575 (I got the 600X through fixing it in high school and it ended up my main laptop after my desktop [an HP EVO D510] and laptop [HP NW8000] died at the exact same time) which rocked my world. Dual core?! What! More than 1024X768?!?!?!? I mean, yeah the HP had 1600X1200 but it wasn't widescreen O:

My mind was blown and I still have that laptop. It runs great.

Edit: With 4GB ram I can run skyrim on an E-450 APU at medium settings with good FPS for NO REASON. It confuses me but ugh <3

Might be able to find that exact model at work tomorrow. See if I can replicate what you are getting.

Lenovo Desktop PC IdeaCentre H330 (77805QU) Intel Core i5 2320 (3.00 GHz) 6 GB DDR3 500 GB HDD Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit


purchase date 4/20/2012

Yea almost positive I got a couple of those.
I'll let ya know tomorrow.

yea thad be awesome,
its not EVERY 10-15 minutes , but if you can just use the thing
open a window and if when you come back, its not open, then the system did a reboot while you were not babysitting it

You running windows? Just want to eliminate any variables.

ill go with this, maybe lenovo put something in there that checks if the original hardware was tampered with and shuts off the power if it was lol

yes i do believe
im pretty sure its win7 64