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LevelOneTechs USB-C KVM --> In-Stock?

I have a two laptop setup that I wish to purchase a KVM for. One is an HP EliteBook with a USB-C port and the other is an Aorus x5v6 which has multiple options. Plan to get a Samsung 34-Inch SJ55W Ultrawide Gaming Monitor (LS34J550WQNXZA) for the primary and was going to get a second Samsung basic monitor. Seeing that this only supports one monitor, I suppose I can deal with just the ultrawide. I see similar versions of this on Amazon under “Black Box”, but I am hesitant at what I’ll get.

Before I go and try to purchase the USB-C KVM from your site, is it in stock (last update was last June 2019)? If they are in stock, how long until it ships (does it require build time/etc ~ w/ COVID-19, I am in a hurry to get a setup to work remote)?

I did a ton of research on monitors over the last couple of days, one of the monitors on my shortlist was a Dell U3219Q, and another was a BenQ PD3220U.

Both have a KVM built-in.

Perhaps you can find a better monitor instead.

(I went with an Asus PA329C as I already happened to have a startech SV231DPDDUA2 listed for 600euro and no, I did not pay for it)

Do you need a KVM to do what you are trying to do?

If you just want multiple monitor support and usb-c to (presumably display port) inputs to the monitors you can do that with a thunderbolt or usb-c dock. You would need 2 docks for the two laptops and manually switch inputs on both monitors.

A KVM adds hotswap between the inputs and easy sharing of mouse / keyboard. This is nice but not essential if you want the setup running quickly.

This is my approach. I have a Lenovo thunderbolt dock that connects my laptop to a DUA2 and wired ethernet for good measure, plus gives power so I have one clean cable on top of the desk. The DUA2 has two other desktops connected currently. Output is a single full size display port to a pair of Dell monitors that daisy chain using display port 1.2 passthrough. This gives me:

2 * 1440p 60 displays for either desktop or
3* 1080p 60 displays for the laptop.

May be a quicker solution that waiting for the usb-c KVM being available

I’m very used to using KVMs during my time in the military, so I know that I would like a KVM to switch between my work laptop and home laptop. It provides me with the quick functionality without ever touching the monitor & keeping a bunch of functions in one place.

As far those monitors ideas are concerned, my choices are slightly more cost effective than the prices on those for me. At this point I’d like to buy the level1 kvm if it is available, & I’m just trying to figure that availability & shipping part out. Thanks for the ideas though.

If it were not in stock the store page would state so:


As for shipping. I didn’t order any KVM specifically but since it’s in stock it’s just laying somewhere in a warehouse so… shipping should be the same for everything. I ordered like 20 items a year ago and it shipped in a few days, took like 2 weeks to get to Germany but that was mainly due to customs and such.