Level1techs on scuttlebutt

https://www.scuttlebutt.nz/ <- main website.

Decentralized and opensource. :slight_smile:
I think level1techs should make a group there.

Download a client for it below.


I would say stick with the forum for discussion, and Discord for when the Lounge just isn’t toxic enough… /s


I believe we have quite a few services already and adding more wouldn’t help. We may or may not have an IRC server, I would have to look into that. As for open source messaging, we have a Riot channel: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#level1:matrix.org

We also have the Discord & Lounge as was previously mentioned.

its not only opensource but also decentralized. In other words its not owned by a single person or organization.

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I do like IRC and miss it. Mainly because its an open… Free means of communicating where discourse is not so open though more modern. I’d have to say there’s been great discussions in irc and I miss it sorta… Don’t get me wrong nice discord but IRC for us older computer peeps … Its a nostalgia thing

Now convince the majority of the external forum to use it without spamming us or sounding like a cultist.

I think these are fine and dandy, but now you need to convince a better part of the forum to take care of it and someone from the staff to moderate it.

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All joking aside, an encrypted, distributed messaging app sounds pretty cool… I guess it just needs a whole bunch of users to make it relevant?
Sounds in principal like a better whatsapp?

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Its self-moderated due to the nature of P2P. Everyone blocks the person they don’t like to read anymore, but also since there is no centralized server, you can’t get shutdown by the owner of the service because they don’t like you as there is no owner so to speak off.

I just thought this was a cool technology and I really liked it how simple and nice it is to use. That’s why I shared it here, because, after all, this is a tech forum. I figured this was something level1techs could explore even if its just for fun mostly as it probably won’t bring a lot of new users to here or to youtube channel. Could be wrong though as at the moment it feels like this social network is popular among the people who are interested in the tech.