Level1techs Minecraft Now Available

i went on the server and what i saw was a lot of grefing, a bad spawn and not many plugins... i would like to help: 

1- i'm a preety good builder myself, and i colde make a spawn inside logan, so people when the spawn there they have to clim out of logan's guts...

2- i feel that plots would be a good idea, so you could make different towns out of plots...

3- a fan art zone would be awsome... 

If you are interested i would be more than grateful to help out...


Are there certain times the server is up? It is always down when I try connecting to it.

I think it's always up.  Been up everytime I've tried going there

ok, guys, it is pretty rough around the edges. if you see a griefer, let a mod know immediately. we will handle it, if possible

i found this cool plugin that helps with the greifer's and i think you guys will love it http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-mods/grief-prevention/ 

looking around the map on the site i can see alot of destroyed buildings. commissars being one of them. Looks like there's a greifer loose.

You need to switch to Bukkit, and install Factions.

Factions basically allows PVP, raiding, etc, but without allowing griefing.

I'd also apply for mod. I'd most likely be on the server quite a bit.

Any chance we can do land claims with permissions, that way we don't need to worry about griefers? 

Thanks for explaining how in case anyone has the same question.

Is the server down right now?

Why is the server not up now :/

Why don't you guys just get one of the bukkit plugins that tells you who touched what in minecraft

Is the server down right now?

for anyone who has tried connecting to the server and it failed, just delete it from your server list and add it again, worked for me

Aww, I thought I was coming in here to see a Minecraft version of the Tek's studio. :-(

I'm enjoying the server immensely right now! thanks a lot Nate (I still find it creepy that you kept hovering over my house for like half an hour :p -kapral009)

working on it

naw, I did that.... but yeah, there's been a few. we need a sign-based protection system

I take back what I said earlier, once I could region and one if the admins fixed my house that was leveled by greifers, I had a blast on the server. I wish I could donate 5 or 10 dollars  to get perks like tp, god mode, creative, heal, ect. I love how there is no autistic, budder retards on the server. 

so how you get [tek] prefix?