Level1techs Minecraft Now Available

A user has a livestream of the server here: http://www.twitch.tv/michlantecuh

The Official TekSyndicate.Com Minecraft Server is now available at Minecraft.TekSyndicate.Com.

It was provided to us by Wendell, be sure to thank him.

A WebUI Map and Chat can be found here.

A few quick notes:

  • The server is saved every 15 minutes.
  • The server is backed up ever 30 minutes.
  • /help will tell you what commands you have access to.


  • Be respectful of other players, do not troll, grief, or build on another player's land.
  • The admins reserve the right to ban any player for any reason.

                      Admins: Nate, Pistol

                      Mods: Mich (michlantecuh), Commissar (commissar_fuklaw)

Have Fun!



woot! this is awesome, if you need an experienced admin who loved teksyndicate id love to help out with the server any way i can

Sick I'll have to get on and give this a shot!

Awesome, this is actually going to make me want to start playing Minecraft again.

Thank you! I hope we can all live in peace!

Serevr isnt much fun when you get repeatedly spawn killed

My PSU is dying...  My computer cuts out whenever I try to play minecraft.  :^(

Damn, I just had to replace mine yesterday as well. My Corsair GS600 died out, thank god for warranties. 

i know its a stupid question but how can i join the server?

ok i got it working :)


Pretty sweet server!

Any rules against Mini-Map usage or is that OK?

I died, /back didn't work -.- sadly usually when i lose all my stuff I stop playing , so no more minecraft for me for a while

i got disconnected from the server and now i cant reconnect

not at all. there has been minimal griefing. zero-tolerance.

200 man PVE anyone? :D

It's horribly basic, but still fun!

Right, greifing has to be addressed asap. This is ridiculous, for the amount of people on this server to the ratio of amount of times my (still not finished) tower has been greifed/peppered is stupidly high.

Personally however much I'd like to play on this server, I feel that it is a wasted of my time to login and try and build something cool.

This promblem is only going to get worse as more people join and "play".

So please tell me when you install an antigrief plugin and maybe I'll join again.

Looks like people have tried to make some pretty impressive buildings, shame people feel the need to destroy others hard work.