Level1Techs KVM and Displayport MST

Just a questions about the Level1Tech KVMs.

I run 3 monitors on a stand and need to switch it between two devices. A Displayport 1.2 and a Displayport 1.4 device. I was hoping that I could use a level1techs KVM to do this. But it would need to support MST, so I can use all 3 monitors on the single wire (1080p, 1200p, 1080p). I’d rather not be the beta tester on this.

Has this been tried? @wendell

Don’t use MST

The club 3d “MST” hub is not actually MST, kinda, it uses DP1.4 + Display Stream Compression to give you 3x DP1.2 outputs. That might work for your needs with the dual monitor 1.4 KVM to give you a total of 4 monitors.

I can sell you a proto 4-monitor KVM for ~2x the price of the 2-monitor 2-computer DP1.4 KVM also if you want to do that.


As much as I like new toys. I think the fiscally responsible action would be to purchase a thunderbolt3 capable ASRock board, to reuse the tb3 dock. Swapping a USB-C port isn’t too difficult compared to hitting a button.

Thanks though.

Not to hijack, but I’ve also been looking at solving this particular use case. It sounds like the 4-monitor KVM is in the works, how far away is it?

If using an eGPU I’ve found that disconnecting the Thunderbolt cable can bluescreen Windows or make Linux refuse to use TB at all until rebooted. Even if I just bumped the cable. It sits a bit loose on some laptops.

Do you really just yank it?

you can order it now, and it ships now, but it’s about 2x the cost of the dual monitor version and is limited to two input computers. If you want one, just dm me, I’ll send you an invoice, put it together myself and mail it to you.

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the thunderbolt 3 dock swap will be far, far more horrible than you imagine. but let us know how that goes.

The “Mst” 1 to 3 hub from club3d is actually quite awesome, just 1.4 > 3x 1.2

this is a 4 computer kvm, not 4 monitor :slight_smile:

Tho I do have both. But the demand for 3-4 monitor is not that much.

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Wow, you can’t get customer service like this anywhere else!

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Dropping by to check on this before I order, since I noticed the emphasis (bold text!) on the store page for the dual-port 4-computer DP 1.4 KVM switch that it’s intended for dual-monitor use.

Do the Club3D DP1.4 MST hubs still work for adding extra monitors on the 4-host KVM switches? I remember you saying they worked fine on the 2-computer models you worked on first.

Just wanna make sure that there aren’t any special caveats for MST with the 4-computer DP 1.4 models before I order, since KVM switches are expensive!

It does seem to still work, but can be picky with cables. Try to use the shorter 3 foot cables wherever you can.

What I expected and hoped to hear! Thanks

Now I just have to find the budget :laughing:. Happily, expense reports a work are due soon which means I am due for some reimbursements.

Btw, does Level1Techs have the capacity to measure the kind of latency differences introduced by DisplayPort repeaters, including those sold in the L1 Store and that cheap DP 1.4 repeater from Cable Matters I think we talked about briefly (months ago)?

It’s been interesting to hear bits and pieces about your design concerns with latency (and trickery that can impact compatibility for special features like VRR) and I was wondering if you’ve ever quantified that with all the DP tech you’ve worked on and played with, especially since some repeaters claim latencies that seem impossibly low.

Just want to add to this with my experience with the Level1 KVM and MST hubs in case someone else finds this in a search.

Configuration Tested:

Level1 KVM DP 1.4, 4 port single monitor.
3 sources tried, all DP 1.4:
1 . 2080Ti in desktop using 6ft cable to KVM (linux machine)
2 . RTX4000 in desktop using 6ft cable to KVM (windows 10)
3 . Lenovo laptop with Thunderbolt dock using 3ft cable to KVM (windows 10)
MST is hooked up to monitors with 3ft cables.
Monitors are old 1920x1200 60Hz Dell U2410’s that might be older than DP 1.2
All cables used are Club 3D DP1.4 cables.

StarTech MSTDP123DP - DP 1.2 MST Hub:

Does not work on the linux machine.
Does not work on the RTX4000 windows 10 machine.
works on the Lenovo dock, though seems to have a few artifacts visible on the screens.
It also has this annoying glitch that makes my monitors cycle waking up and going to sleep when there is no input.
Requires additional power adapter.
Bottom line: Do not get for KVM usage.

StarTech MST14DP123DP - Display Port 1.4 MST Hub:

Works on all 3 machines. Does not have any weird glitches that I’ve been able to tell. Switches between sources fine. Powered via USB on the KVM.

Club 3D CSV-7300 - Display Port 1.4 MST Hub:

Works on all 3 machines. Does not have any weird glitches that I’ve been able to tell. Switches between sources fine. Powered via USB on the KVM.

Note: I don’t have any higher resolution/frequency displays to push this test harder, but the 2 DP 1.4 MST hubs seem to work great at the load of 1920x1200 60Hz.

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