Level1Techs KVM 2PCs 2 Monitors -> enough for 2 3440x1440p high refresh rate screens?

Hello!, got a quieck question on this KVM that was hoping someone would either have experience with it or know more about the DP1.4 protocol to confirm/deny :P.

I have an Acer Predator X34 that’s [email protected] I’m about to get another ultrawide with the same resolution (Alienware QD-OLED) that I think has a 175 refresh rate and my idea is to use both with this KVM so I can switch back and forth between my gaming desktop and my work laptop.

Would this be capable of handling that resolution up to those refresh rates?. I know [email protected] is no issue because my current cheap-ish KVM can handle it perfectly but not sure about the 175hz.


The Alienware had some bugs when it first launched but I think it now ships with a less bugged firmware and I have had reports of success.

Getting good cables will likely be important as the signal domain is one long corridor cable+KVm+cable


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Awesome thanks!.

Yeah, was pretty much assuming the standard cables I’m using might not work but its great to have some confirmation.