Level1Techs Folding at Home team?

I did a search and found out that there used to be a F@H team during the RTW days. Looks like it wasn't really a success, but then again that was in '11 and '12.
With Barnacules' vid, things seem to be picking up a bit again.

Are there any plans to start a Level1Techs F@H team?

None of the computers I have that I would use it on are fast enough to be bothered with, my main computer is too power hungry.

It's a shame, its something I'd have liked to use a dragonboard for but it doesn't seem to work.

A PC generates as much heat per Watt as a space heater (source: Puget Systems). I turned down the actual heater to level things out. The difference on my electricity usage is literally zero. At least this way the electricity benefits mankind a bit instead of only heating up my room.

I'm considering putting one of my old 770s in my secondary PC (currently running on integrated gfx) and letting that one fold too. With both of them running, I should be able to turn off the heating in the PC room altogether.