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Level1Techs Community Update



Both, look at Lincoln.


I’m looking but I don’t see it.


Can lay down a mean bead but will burn you.


in more ways than one… don’t man . It has to pay.


Did you reply to the right post?


Is it a psyop when someone sees potential for personal growth and gives you an opportunity and encouragement to do so? :slight_smile:


For one of the options, I will support @kewldude007 being promoted if it’s selected and agreed upon the most.

“Folks, welcome to your new ‘Uzar Hararsemeen’, @kewldude007


I vote in polls just because


You can make css themes with stylish.


Yeah, I suppose that would fall in the category. Otherwise, kewldude would have just stayed the same. You changed the course of history by giving him lounge shepherd. Just wait, he’s going to be president some day.


I’m doing that right now on most of the sites I’m using to make them dark :stuck_out_tongue: and its a goddam pain on some of them


Congrats to the new leaders and moderators. :slight_smile:


I’m very excited about the Two-Factor Authentication! Great job on a seamless transition (for me at least).