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Level1Techs Community Update



The leader role (TL4) is manually given, and is given on a basis of trust and that the person wants to help the forum and community. In addition to the extra permissions and powers they are able to have on the forum (members have some limited powers as well), they have a lounge area as well.

Aside from that the main point of the leader role is that its for people who, embody the community for lack of a better phrase. We want to do more with the role and think leaders can help shape the community. Things like @kewldude007’s giveaways that he has organised in the past for example. One of the things we want to do is have leaders help make those kind of things happen more often, if its just helping direct the forum to organising an event or large discussion or topic, etc.


Aside from the technical forum permissions that differentiate mods from leaders.

(mods can silence, suspend, delete, anonomise, users, etc., can see more details to investigate flagged issues, can see flags, etc.)

@wendell and co also generally have historically and to this day let the mods play a primary role in running the forum, essentially we collectively decide things and work to implement them, and they have veto rights (to put it simplistically).



This is why everyone hates me (refer to title).


Congrats everyone! You definitely deserve it.


Yep allot of progress has been made the past few week on Community updates.

Welcomming the new mods and leaders, they are a great addition to the team.


as I recall we kind of liked your enthusiasm but needed to be tempered with a bit of responsibility. remind you of anyone? cough kewldude cough cough






It took me a few seconds…


Can’t wait to do community software projects with all of you :heart: :smiley:


Hit me up Bae! Let’s write some code.


Until the clusterfucks I can produce…
Hold on to your pants!


Oh, sorry boss, I just ate a very spicy dinner. Bear with me.

Joke alert


So the lounge shepherd was indeed a psyop


I would love to see this happen where the level 1 community comes together to make a open source program that helps with something no idea what but if we do I’ll love to help and learn to code :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking Glass is a thing.


@kewldude007 will;

  • Be a great leader
  • Abuse his power
  • Both?

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look at me being optimistic


Way to show trust in one of our new leaders, guys.


Also congrats to the new mods/leaders.

  • Admeen
  • Aboose

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