Level1Tech KVM with Logitech G915 hotkey

I am wondering if anyone has gotten the Level1 KVM to work with the G915 for the hot keys. I have plugged the USB into several ports in the front and the back. The keyboard works fine but the hot keys to switch are not. Double tapping LCTRL or Scroll lock then the number does not switch the port. I have read where it needs to be in the HID ports in the back and right now it is, but nothing. Was kinda hoping to put the KVM under my desk but need to be able to switch the device without touching it to work.


Just want to chime in that I have the same issue, and I’ve yet to find any way to make it work. I’ve been trying wired (even though the keyboard is wireless), haven’t tried the wireless dongle yet.

Adding to this. While my older Logitech G613 works perfectly with the USB HID ports and hotkeys, I recently upgraded to the G915 and it does not play nicely with the KVM. On USB HID ports certain key combinations/modifiers cause the entire KVM to lock (requiring a power cycle) and the hot keys do not function. The G915 only works correctly over the USB3 ports (no hot keys like input switching, ofc). Would love for a firmware fix given the increasing popularity of this keyboard.

Yes, this is an issue with many GaMiNg keyboards. The reason for this is that they do not show up as a compatible HID device, due to some of the features exposed. I have a qmk board that I was able to rigorously debug this with. It turns out that if you have certain features exposed, the kvm suddenly stops reading keystrokes.

Basically, the more features on the board, the less likely it’ll work.

@wendell, I’d be happy to pow wow and help with this, if you think it’s possible to fix this in firmware.

For now, my solution was to build a 6 key macro pad that sends the key combinations needed for all the features I need, and mount it on the edge of my desk.

Not quite finished with it, but the early tests are working.

yeah, I have been recommending things like the falcon rgb 8 because the protocol is not that easy to decipher. It does work on the usb3 ports, which are straight passthrough, whereas on most kvms it would not work at all. (no hotkeys for kvm control, but otherwise it works)

I’ve been working on it on and off but its not well documented.


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Well, I can’t imagine that’s the case. Let me know if I can help in any way. My hardware is available.

I wonder if this is the same problem I am having. None of my hotkeys work using my Razer Huntsman keyboard. Here’s the weird part though. Before I plugged in my Peripherals I could send the KVM hotkeys and I could hear it registering. The only thing I want to change with the hotkeys is to allow the USB 3 Passthrough to auto switch with ports for a Webcam.

I unplugged all the other HIDs besides the keyboard and peripheral and was able to change that shortcut, I am good now!

hey @SgtAwesomesauce how did you get on with your macropad? I was trying to make a raspberry pi based one, but although most keys I send over work fine, as soon as I send over a scroll lock the pi script freezes… did you have better luck?

Teensy works fine or using a falcon 8 rgb also works well for a macro controlled kvm

i made mine using teensy, works great using Arduino Keyboard library 1.4 DP L1KVM switch DIY remote

So I have a repo that I’m polishing off… Actually yolo:

I have a different problem where my keyboard wont work at all through the kvms usb hid ports. This makes my current setup unusable as i need the usb 3 ports for audio and video.

use a small usb3 hub? ideally with external power if you start to push past 1a?