Level1Tech KVM Issue

I purchased a second hand KVM PAAG-E3124B and it’s great.

I’ve noticed my Ultrawide 34" LG (3440x1440 @ 143hz) runs great but my other display 27" Dell 4K S2721QS is flickering.

This just started occurring coming back from lunch. It hasn’t happened before.

What cables are you using and what resolution/refresh rate/bit depth is your display?

Also, if you add up the length of all the cables in a single “run” (PC to KVM, KVM to display) how long is it?

You need to keep the total run length under 4M for the best signal quality, and you also need to use high quality cables. (Club3d are best, but the ones sold on Level1 store are a close second)


Awesome! I noticed after switching my cables on the Mac it worked better. Now the pc is being weird but those cables are older and longer. So I’ll buy some new cables to replace them.

Thank you!

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Make sure you get good quality cables. I personally run the Level1 store cables for my 2m cables, and club3d cables for the 1m cables I have.

Switching to those good quality cables solved any signal quality issues I have.

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So just to make sure I’m registering this properly…

Pc to kvm cables are 3 or 4 meter then kvm to monitor 3 or 4 meter and that should be short enough total?

Not quite.

4 meter from PC to kvm to monitor, when you add up all the cable lengths.

So, 2 meter PC to KVM, and another 2 meter KVM to monitor.

If you’re running lower-resolution displays, you can cheat that a bit, but if you need more length, you’ll need to pick up a signal repeater.

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Thank you so much for all the knowledge and help!

I’ve ordered them.

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