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Absolutely amazing detail.


This is impressive, amazing and beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!


T-9 minutes to launch. They’re using a block 5 first stage which has been used twice before, and they’re going to attempt to catch the fairing.


Just wanted to @ you. I am watching right now and just posted in the lounge. :slightly_smiling_face:


Planned ending to that cast while I’m pretty sure that speaking voice said that it may end, but then again it could be miss communication from their end that THEY may lose it and we never were meant to see how it ends

Thought that ending being interesting as cams kept on switching sides clearly to avoid these odd poops collecting and flying away

and then the very last moment started to get gravel?


that’s a new one, I don’t really believe they will fly those again. Also there is now way that Elon Musk can know the exact condition of the fairing. I’m looking forward to a video of the splash down though.





Sounds a bit like road from inside car

Imagining air carrying sound really poorly and having this hum behind it, with mostly my breath and heartbeats overlapping with it


Looks like Voyager 2 has passed through the Heliopause!




2 commercial pilots with space wings now



theres a lot for today

mission title to be updated soon -5 hours and some

4/5 launches scrubbed… Indian rocket is still a go for now


It’s the 50th anniversary of Apollo 8’s launch. Christmas Eve will be the 50 years since we got the Earth Rise photo.


First real data from Ultima Thule. Same reddish colouring as other Kuiper Belt objects.

Size estimates were pretty spot on.

Size comparison with Charon.



I cant fix twatter video links or weibo so you have to go look that moon descend to twatter linked above