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As impressive as this is, I miss the space shuttle.


holy shizel


Scientists all over the world now pose this great question:

Is this a burp or a fart?






Snapped this pic with my shitty tourist grade camera. (BenQ GH700)

Focal length 94.5mm |ISO 160 | f 5.8 | Exposure 1/250 s

Post FX: auto WB and contrast in GIMP


NASA has yet to determine signs of intelligent life in The Onion’s comment section.


Keck 1 took some damage
The quakes:

Mauna Kea, Most of the worlds telescopic observing power

Which happens to be a dormant volcano also…so far

This could be bad for astronomy


oh no :frowning:




Full spectacle

I started to feel really sad, my life is not enough to do anything :man_shrugging:t2:


Thought that where have i seen these patterns, and its that moment when some brat suck drinks from soda bottle, and its now fucked up, there is some swirling going on :joy:


Woah, that’s incentive to get my own telescope and camera.


all these amazing infinite sights so far away.



Only in the last hundred or so years have people known it’s not another nebula in our galaxy.
Kinda makes us the luckiest people in history :slight_smile:


Just going to leave this here:

Don’t forget to search NTRS. Lots of fun treasures there.


If you work nights or just have insomnia Mars looks absolutly amazing now.
Look for a start that is orange in color and doesn’t twinkle.
A few days ago I was just amazed how pretty it looks even in the Hartford CT area with the naked eye.

Mining bitcoin has had zero effect on telescope prices :slight_smile: