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A stock Tesla Roadster? Elon Musk does realize there won’t be roads for it to drive, right? Unless he’s going to mod it for the environment, he’d have to deliver it to flats. Mars is full of rocky terrain.


It is not going to Mars, just to the vicinity, and it will as far as I know, orbit the sun, and not the planet.


Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day


Speaking of, do any of you use Space launch now to keep track of launches? or something else?



Very interesting and detailed article describing the difference between SpaceX and Boeing’s rockets.






Maybe it’s leading to Narnia.


Too bad one of the 30 meter telescopes wasn’t ready.
Still a huge win for ground based astronomy is the website of the 10 meter in Spain, lots of cool stuff
Low carbon star throws the star formation theory for a loop, there is also stuff on Tabby’s star, ya know the 100 meter when it’s built is gonna wanna check that one out


You can get around that problem by merely spinning one Dyson Sphere inside another to create a zero gravity zone between them and manipulate the gravity. Nasa is currently testing a Star Trek style reactionless drive that could possibly do the trick, but it would also require all the radioactive material in the solar system to make it work.


Just looking through this thread high

Amazing perspectives on the universe



Along these same lines, its believed they are now closing in on how magnetic fields affect temperatures on the sun. Satellites have already shown the north and south poles of the sun have countless magnetic poles, making it the most complex dynamo ever studied. As a result of quantum effects, the outer corona of the sun is hotter than the core. Physicists commonly believe a black hole is a macroscopic example of quantum mechanics, and neutron stars are also widely considered quantum objects. Jupiter could be the dividing line, between quantum and classical objects.

That might sound strange, since physicists have commonly insisted quantum mechanics are constrained to the uber tiny realm of the quantum, but the experimental evidence has always suggested otherwise, that quantum mechanics is not merely an issue of size. Quantum mechanics are metaphorical according to the evidence, and don’t obey any known metaphysics. People commonly say quanta are random, but that’s a metaphor for unpredictable.






Could you find a link to the same story without the clickbait headline?


Mayby this?