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Rocky McBalboaface

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Rocky because asteroids are rocks, Balboa because he is the most famous Rocky, and Rocky McBalboaface is a reference to the British research submarine (Boaty McBoatface) that was named in a similar internet poll.

Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer) is winning by a 2:1 margin.


It is rare to see a good astronomy story in the local paper.
This is about a star that went supernova…twice!
Literally this is more surprising to astronomers then an 8 legged creature urinating on a Mars rover and walking away.

after seeing it I went over to and and both have slightly more in depth article, but it was not that much more in-depth. Usually if an astronomy story shows up in the local or even national press it gets very dumbed down.

Kinda freaky that Voyager 1 is now 19 lighthours away


Short post. Solar wind almost 700 kn/sec, usually between 3 and 4 hundred.
Good for auroras! Some think an earthquake connection (kinda fringe) ok VERY fringe :slight_smile:


A quirky comet, with an unexpected chemical fingerprint, zipped past Earth earlier this year and is changing our thinking on how comets form and evolve. Learn more about comet 45P:



Hm, so I just bought a televue 20mm plossl and 2.5x Powermate. Greenwich has a 25% off closing down sale.


Top shelf. Everytime I would read a revue from S+T they were always highly rated…and expensive.


Hense the 25% off, which is a reasonably chunky discount considering astro gear seems to never go on sale for much of anything. I have one Televue Nagler that I saved up for and I’ve had for many years, it is absolutely excellent. They have a tenancy to not devalue by very much either so there’s good resale value if I ever decide to sell them… Probably in 50 years.


Not sure if I should post this here or in Automotive.

plus this
to here



I bought an ETX 125 used about a decade ago and it came with a set of eyepieces and a nice case.
I have only read about the view when looking through a high end Nagler.
I had my eye on a zhumilli or Orion Dob 10 or maybe maybe 12 inches but this time of year the big budget dobs are sold out at allot of places.

Netflix just put up this documentary for December. I watched half and it is pretty good, especially when they switch the video of the scientists now to when it was launched. I wish they went more into how it was built and less about the record.



Photo taken 5 million miles up.


I don’t know if this has anything to do with what i witnessed but the night after new year’s eve the moon was so bright that it woke me up in middle of night. Moon was shining so brightly as if someone was pointing reflectors into my windows.


Yea I saw that when driving my truck back on New Years. It was kinda awesome


Archimedes invented the Antikythera Device, the world’s first computer, to calculate planetary motion to predict eclipses. It’s amazing how modern tech was able to look inside this corroded chunk of bronze so they could recreate it and determine it’s purpose.




The problem is that landers can only see a few centimeters down and orbital imaging sees 10’s of meters down. They can’t get a good look at what’s between the surface and 20 meters down, but now they know the ice is there.


Beautiful photo from Juno


Now I know relatively, from our point-of-view, the stars move very slowly, but surely the movement of the stars has to be taken into account with any kind of navigation system, no matter how slowly they are perceived to move from Earth. Still an astonishing development. Once this technology has matured, all we’ll need are repulsorlifts and hyperdrives.


I guess It would serve as an awesome advertisement.