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Yeah so close that humans were not existing when it happened. Which makes me think … what if all other stars have died and we still see them because of the limitation of the speed of light ? Of course I mean the long range ones, yes I know there are close stars like 4-5ly away.


There was some sci-fi show about the moon being really bright cause our sun went nova and one astronomer figured it out.


:smiley: that’s a funny guy.


We so need a Cassini class probe around neptune and pluto, Uranus is a flyover planet.
This time with real rovers, not a Beagle that takes 5 pics and dies
Cassina class meaning 6 tons or more long duration.
Maybe this is the engine to do it

Just ignore the human stuff, ION propulsion works best with deep space unmanned probes IMHO


Hubble snapped a gorgeous pic of what they are calling a kilanova


pretty awesome, esp since it turned yellow. i wonder what happens to the cores, new neutron star or black hole?


Veritasium did a nice video explaining it. Basically, it formed a new neutron star, as the mass of each was less than 1.6 solar masses.


Carbon adds to the fun factor
Book written about the following, also on my “want to read” list:


another breath taking picture on APOD

dat star cluster tho


on APOD the other day, where they think how most of the elements are created

gold is made from neutron star collisions


Saw that, thanks. Few years back there was an article in S+T not knowing how Florine was made, not sure if they solved that.
Felt bad when I saw the oriniods came a few days ago, I missed another meteor shower, bumer :frowning:
I gotta find an app for that




the universe is totally metal


Dark Matter
Dark Energy
Oozing Puddles of Baryonic Matter :slight_smile:
Love the thing on the bottom about Dark Matter Day

It’s considered a non-baryonic holiday


Correction: The universe is made of many nonmetallic elements too. Addition: If you’re referring to sharing the culture and attitude of a certain genre of music, the universe has infinitely grander things to be concerned with than your meatbag music.

Sidenote: Although, if I had to choose one, as an assassin droid, I would definitely have affinity for this meatbag style of music known as “heavy metal.” Retraction: I do like killing meatbags to jazz though. There’s something about calm jazz that just unnerves meatbags to their core right before I end their pathetic lives.

I did not know Halloween is also Dark Matter Day but the correlation is obvious.


27 miles a second from above the ecliptic, shame we don’t have a “quick reaction” program where 2 missles are fired, one an impactor and a second to capture some dust like the Stardust mission.
Nov 10th and 11th the taurid meteor shower

Big planet little star, big head aches for theorists :slight_smile:

MRO is just amazing!
Nov 5th moon will occult Aldebaran

Cold War miniteman 3 missle converted to launch satellites, not quite Zefrom Cochran’s Titan from Star Trek


The space station has been using the same printers since 2000. They are regular cheap printers and keep breaking and jamming. Every time one breaks, they send up another new-old-stock printer. This time NASA worked with HP to customize a $150 printer for zero-G. It’s interesting all the things they did. Like removing the scan / copy / fax functions so they could eliminate the weight of the glass lid. They also 3D printed a few parts into a single lighter part from stronger material.

Did they do a cost benefit analysis vs just buying a 100 $150 printers and dealing with paper jams?
How much is HP going to charge NASA for replacement zero-G ink cartridges?
I wonder how much that $150 printer costs now?

I bet the price will be astronomical!


If I donate my 8GB of RAM and Radeon R9 290 to NASA do you think they will be able to get to Mars?



If you’re still looking for an app, I’d recommend “Heavens-Above” or “Meteor Shower Calendar.” Both are great little apps :+1: