Level1News: 11/8/16 Introducing the Manager of the Boston Teabaggers

Timestamps! (Still working on audio. SoonTM) If nothing else stay for @kreestuh's Overwatch coverage OMG.

00:28 Updates from last week
03:47 Chinese capital controls for Bitcoin
05:17 America ready to hack Russia
06:17 Canadian Spying
10:01 FBI tweets anti-clinton FOIA records
13:00 Android spyware targeting business executives
14:24 Wall Street execs eschew all digital communications
15:50 Ultrasonic tracking signals
19:45 IoT attacks Liberia
21:30 China regulates live streaming
24:10 Turkey blocks all social media, again
25:15 Facial Recognition hacked by simple glasses
27:11 Machine learning and talking fish
31:20 Turbo.js
33:24 Cheynobyl image gallery
34:12 Overwatch Pro Sports in America

OneTab Links of all the stories: http://www.one-tab.com/page/1HUQJ6XkTLmcmCvcdgyCBA

the nVidia story is still developing so we cut it will we can get the fully story. Looks like Drivers = OK, Geforce Experience = Maybe Not OK. But we'll cover that next week probably.

And thank you to Patrons and viewers like you that have made this possible.

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I cringe to say first post :)...I may delete it :)

Nice, loving the new channel. Is Ryan and Kristin(?) Wendells employees? They seem like the kind of people you wanna be friends with.

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Deep learning and AI blows my mind :) I bit like self driving cars.

It makes my powerful PC and its puny OS look useless when you think about it.

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Really enjoyed this. Much better than what CRiT.tv is doing.

Regarding the FBI twitter story Ryan says "I think these guys are fighting the good fight," so I was wondering, are Wendell and Ryan pro Trump or just anti Clinton?

Very nice to watch. Well done.

Ubuntu Phone interestingly enough has per application permissions of accessing location, camera and microphone additionally to the phone-wide permission. I guess canonical had this in mind for some time now...I wonder if the can make a similar patch like the security guy that made the presentation.


It's probably inappropriate, but damn, @kreestuh is tiny.

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About negative interest rates incentivizing more loans.

The financial crisis happened because of bad loans, but this time it's different.

Now the eurozone is very close to deflation, which is even worse than inflation.

That's why more loans are required.

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Just pro accountability. I do hate Clinton but what I meant by that was releasing records is good, especially in the face of what was obviously a politically motivated end to that investigation.


I thoroughly enjoyed the news. Good Jobs guys.


Just because you think there is something going on with Clinton does not mean you support Trump. Just because you don't like Trump does not mean you are supporting Clinton.

If @wendell and @ryan were supporting one or the other, what would it matter? Would you stop watching?

Praise the sun.

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You guys talked about TensorFlow for learning deep learning, but I think Keras is a better option for beginners. With Keras you don't get the same amount of control and you won't learn as much about the inner workings of neural nets, but it is insanely simple to use. The 100 line image classifier can probably be done with 30 lines of code in Keras. The documentation is also great and it barely requires any math skills at all.


You are right, but either way you need to have tensorflow or theano

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Was this intentional?

Great episode ("as always"). It's a nice touch that you have a catch-up from last week too, even if it was only corrections this week. With that in mind, you could have had a little notice about the background on the Nvidia telemetry, and get back to it in a later episode. It'd be a good incentive to make people go back to older clips, especially when you have the timestamps (makes it not annoying for viewers to catch up on specific stories).

I don't think it would be too lame or cringy to have actual "correspondance" for recurring content, with some kind of jingle... If Kreestuh isn't a regular host on the show anyways, why not make it special when she's on ; )
Also, did she sit behind that screen for 30 minutes?

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You monster.

tyvm, fixed ;)

I did not lol. I was working in another room while they filmed and came in for the last segment.

Lol, I thought the same thing.

If that's the case I'm sold. I was looking for Ubuntu phones but Canonical website says they are all out of stock and Amazon doesn't have any of them.

@wendell Excellent video as always but L1N needs to step up its game on the intro and outro music. At the moment It's sounds lame compared to what Loganus has.