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The devember project of pro criminal tips was nice. (See also: Pro-Criminal Tip Compilation - #18 by ibert)

I have accumulated my own collection of l1clips as well.
Edit: Adding related, non-Level1 ones as well.

Thought I’d share. Contributions to the thread are welcome.

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Source: L1's Longest Q & A To Date! -- All Your Questions Answered - YouTube

Wendel: We’ve learned so much about some industries, that it’s been very difficult for us to resist the temptation to just do what we think is necessary for that industry, to produce something that is disruptive, and also probably wildly profitable. It’s like you get to a certain depth, and it’s like 'Wow, everybody is doing it the most dumb way possible; let’s do a better job."
Ryan: To go back to the quesiton about where to start: If you know how something works, and you can apply technology to it, like Wendel’s saying, you can invalidate entire companies, at least people.
Krista: It’s a dark superpower.
Wendel: “Go away, or I’ll replace you with a very small shell script.” It’s a real thing.

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Source: L1's Longest Q & A To Date! -- All Your Questions Answered - YouTube

Ryan: And a lot of the times, people will show up, and be like “Ah, I have a business, let’s put it online!”, and then you ask them 10 questions, and you can just watch them deflate.
Wendel: I mean, there’s been a lot of work that we probably could’ve made a lot of money on, that we’ve turned down, just because they’re like: “We need to do this thing online.”; and it’s like “Ok, but in order to do that, you have to satisfy all these controls on how you handle other people’s data”, and it’s like you go to the network drive and it’s like “Why’s there a 500MB file labeled client social security numbers.txt?”

Source: The End of the IT Tech: Automation - YouTube

Wendel: You know, as an administrator, or the lead IT or lead IT person, you’re making those decisions, and locking the machine down as much as possible, thinking to yourself “Man, even a complete idiot would be able to use this machine.” And then they go build a better idiot.
Somebody does something to the machine; the calls, that your help desk gets is like “All right, what did these users do?” “Oh they threw it down a flight of stairs, oh that’s why it’s acting weird.”
You work in IT so you know exactly what I’m talking about. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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Source: Level1 Console Case Roundup: 6 SFF Cases Tested! - YouTube

[Wendel laughs]

Source: Level1Chat w/Tech Deals! Intel, Arm/Apple, and The State of The Tech Industry - YouTube

Wendel: Yeah, how much of that is product segmentation, and how much of that is bad product design?

Source: Synology DS1821+ Review - Virtualization, Backup, & Security - YouTube

Wendel: Your bits are rotting away and you don’t even know it!

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Source: "Seamless Mode" Microsoft Office in Linux via Windows VM on Threadripper Pro - YouTube

Wendel: So they [Quebes OS] don’t want to support things like GPU pass-through on that aspect, because it’s considered a… you know… dangerous, a malicious program could leak data through the GPU — and that’s true, that’s completely true. But it’s also true, that I can generate RF interference by turning the RAM on and off really fast, and actually generate a Wi-Fi signal, that my phone can pick up. That’s a thing! To seperate…

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exfiltration like this:


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Source: Level1’s Official Storage Upgrade! Part 1 - Meet "stdio 54," The 45 Drive Storinator - YouTube

Wendel: It’s a server closet! So much room for activities! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, cringe!

Sorry bud, I’m a real curmudgeon, wifi is fine for phones or tablets; anything else and I wants me some Ethernet goodness…

I rent, which means that I can’t drill holes in the ceiling or walls (unless I am running tv cables, go figure) so I feel your pain

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Source: Titanic Tyan: Up to 256 Core Server Chassis - 2U/4S Epyc Transport CX TN73B8037 - YouTube

Wendel: Quad damage! …and not from FedEx.
Wendel: When something like this happens, you know is going… off the rails, as in rack rails. We’re gonna need these later when we put this in the rack.
Wendel: The good kind of rack, not the… 17th century torture device. Although it is kind of a modern torture device, I suppose!

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Source: Hacker Culture Meritocracy? - YouTube

Fabian: I have seen how the world actually works!
Fabian: After I finished school, and started studying in a dual study program, I started working at a large IT corporation. During the following years, I had different internships in that company. One in particular just left me dumbfounded.
Fabian: I joined the team. So, there were multiple people, whose only job was to look up data in one program, and then copy it over in to an Excel sheet.
Fabian: And then the ‘manager’ of the team would run an Excel macro, that analyzes the data for like an hour, and then spits out some graphs and statistics, they then present to some higher ups.
Fabian: At this moment, I realized, that the world is full of weird jobs, that are pretty well paid, in IT, they do not even require any skill.

Source: The Dirty Way Manufacturers are Downgrading Your PC - YouTube

Linus: Well, I’m gonna explain it to you like you’re five. Mostly because, despite talking to the big A-s — Asus, AMD, and Anthony; nobody actually have a perfect explanation on why this matters so much.

Source: Protect Linux Server From Hackers - YouTube

Fabian: Here is a piece with three listening ports.
Fabian: Send me an HTTP request to this window, and I will respond. Send me brute forcing SSH attempt, and I tell you if the password was wrong.
Fabian: Now let’s add the firewall, as recommended.
Fabian: Here it is, everything is blocking, except these open windows, these ports.
Fabian: And look at that! They match! You achieved nothing! Security-wise, you did nothing!

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My fatass thought that said Level one chips


Are you dissatisfied by the other clips; should they be moved to a separate thread?

Also, I swear I cut that clip of ElectroBoom dropping packets, but it’s just nowhere to be found. Today they released it as a #short, in phone-aspect-ratio, what’s shit.
I would’ve added that as well. How Network Nodes Communicate #Shorts - YouTube

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Source: Checking Out The Icy Dock ToughArmor 24 x 2.5" SAS/SATA Bay: Storage Overload! - YouTube

Wendel: So what does happen, if you have a—
crap load of SSDs, that you’re going to—
you know, build something out of, and just do a lot of—
absolute ridiculousness, just to see, you know—
what sort of insanity—
that you might have going on—
with respect to—
you know, I dunno, doing some stuff—
building some stuff out of SSDs—
I mean—
what kind of crazy person—
is going to have—
just a giant pile of SSDs—
for doing stuff?
I mean, why would you even…
Does this even make any sense?


Those are actually for sale, check out the thread

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