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Level1 VR MAYHEM! -- AVADirect Prebuilt Avatar Signature VR Ready Desktop | Level One Techs


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Poor Kreestuh! Ryan you mean SOB. “Get out of my shot!” - Ryan LOL!

Ryan … 3D tvs with the right movies and games is also fun. Also when you get a feature like that for nothing extra like I did it why not have 3D. It is all again about being a smart consumer and getting the most you can when shopping.

Also in the video did Kreestuh just drop a bomb in terms of L1T news?

Did Kreestuh just drop that her and Wendell are getting married?



With the headset do you wear your glasses?

I remember something on Tested where they were talking about 3D printing lens holder or something.


Did soulfallen personally build the pc?


Wow, I should say congrats. :joy:


I had VR for almost 2 years. It’s nice to see you getting into the tech.

There is so much to explore.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I would recommend getting Revive most of the best games are Oculus exclusives.


That’s interesting. After watching the Team PGP which got me interested in learned more. I kind of rode off VR as a gimmick. I tried it in the 90’s and it still looking like the games where crap like then.

OK OK the music one is evertaining in a group dynamic. With face wipes and fresh batteries.

I will goggle up some oculus games. Fucking Facebook :slight_smile: I rode oculus off as even an option :). I have only followed Vive.


You mean like this?

I haven’t bought lenses yet though…


Also @wendell @kreestuh @ryan

Thoughts on Oculus Quest? I heard a lot in the video about how cumbersome and fragile the setup is, perhaps this would be an alternative?