Level1 Techs Folding@Home Team

Could it be because they’re stuffs all broken.


their teams pages dont work either, just get bad gateway errors

I am not sure, it’s wierd because my cpu and gpu fans are cranked up, but the visualization is stuck on demo

Is the team number still: 232084

That’s what I put

Im waiting out the could not get assignment errors.

Now its working

  1. How do I choose to help with the COVID-19 related projects ?
    To help in the fight against COVID-19, you need to select
  • Webcontrol : “Any disease” in the list “I support research fighting”
  • Advanced Control/FAHControl : Configure > Advanced, select “Any” in the list “Cause Preference”
    The COVID-19 related projects are on top priority and will be assigned automatically.
  1. Can I choose to work only on the COVID-19 related projects ?
    No, you can’t.
    In FoldingHome, you never choose to work on only one project (or family of projects). The setting described above is a preference, but if no work is available to match your preferences, the system is designed to send you what need to be done at the time of your work request.

  2. Is my system able to help ?
    There are WU available for both GPUs and CPUs. Folding@Home supports nVidia and AMD GPUs through OpenCL on Windows and Linux.
    The CPUs are supported on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

  3. My GPU is supported, but it not detected.
    You need to update your drivers with the latest ones downloaded from nVidia or AMD website.
    Windows Updates often breaks OpenCL support when it updates the drivers automatically. To fix it, reinstall the drivers you downloaded from nVidia or AMD website.
    On Linux, in addition to the proprietary drivers from the GPU maker, you may have to manually install “opencl-icd” matching with the drivers you installed.

  4. Can you add an option to the list of causes to specifically support COVID-19 ?
    No the categories are currently hard coded. We are now in the end of the development of a new client.

  5. How do I know that I’m working on COVID-19 related projects ?
    If you’re running a project that’s listed here, you’re fighting COVID-19 :
    CPU : 14328 - 14329 - 14530 - 14531
    GPU : 11741 to 11764


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The visualization stuck on demo is a known bug. If you open the control interface and see progress, then you are folding ok.

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I wrote a post about how computers help fight Coronavirus, if anyone is interested:

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I figured, but would have been nice to have the visualization would have been nice for stream

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how are you getting the web interface to work? My web interface keeps timing out.

It’s not a clean solution, but try going directly via http://localhost:7396/

I had the same problem in the past. Nowadays the web control just works for me.
Unfortunately I changed my OS, my router, my switch and moved from Chromium to Firefox between attempts, so it’s kinda hard to say what might have solved it for me.

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That worked for me.

Now to get the viewer to work

neat I didn’t know the 2070 and 2700X could do that much work

Yeah, I don’t have an answer for that one. I too only get the demo protein.

Did you request and enter your passkey yet? Doing so will boost those scores massively after a couple of WUs. Each of my 1070s is putting out around 600K PPD (points per day), I’d expect that 2070 to do around 1.2 million PPD

oh lol I guess I should

Not sure how long it’ll take to get a passkey though, I read somewhere that even those mails are delayed due to the server overload.

oh I just got one

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Nice. Back when I got mine, it took 5 WUs for it to kick in. Not sure if that restriction still exists.

is there any way to prevent the webclient from going to sleep?

No, except for moving your mouse. A tool like “Mouse Jiggler” may help.