Level1 Techs [email protected] Team

I'm surprised to see Barnucleus' team so high up in the ranks (#19).

For those of you leading the way for the L1T team, what kinda rigs do you run for [email protected]? Do you have dedicated rigs you let run for this, or just do it when your computer is idle?

As I understand it, FAH uses one CPU thread per GPU. So, if you are running dual GPUs on a dual core, you may not get any WUs for the CPU. This thread discusses the topic. https://foldingforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=28540

No. LOL.... Not dual core dual processor. 2 x5550 Xeon. 8 cores 16 threads. But i killed one GPU slot and now its folding on 15 threads.

Main PC :
i7-5930K @ 4.5, cooled by BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 3
MSI X99A Gaming 7
MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8GB
BeQuiet Dark Power Pro P9 850W
I plan to add another graphics card (probably my spare GTX550Ti), but that'll be for passthrough rather than folding.
PC is folding on the GPU 24/7, but I do manually set it "on idle" when I want to game. CPU isn't folding because that did affect responsiveness.

Secondary PC :
i5-2500 non-K @ 3.8 cooled by BeQuiet Shadow Rock Slim
MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming
MSI GTX770 4GB (N770 4GD5/OC)
BeQuiet Straight Power 10 500W.
This used to be my main PC until I upgraded the CPU, MoBo, RAM and GPU. It's basically folding 24/7.

I must add that I only started folding when it got so cold that I had to turn on the heater, so right now I'm using the PCs to heat the living room. No idea yet what I'll do in the spring or summer, but I'll most likely turn off [email protected] for a couple of months when the room temp gets too high.

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Lol. Sorry I misread

I'm trying to make a similar (albeit smaller) project to [email protected] if I could get someone to take a look.

Ayyyyyy, finally got up and running with [email protected]
Slapped my 280xs in my x79 w/ 3930k
I don't think the second 280x is doing anything never messed with 2 gpus before. I'll fiddle with it in a few hours.

Also have an E5 2670 i could toss in this board not sure if that would make any improvement or not

Got my second 280x folding away, up to 6 work units. I accidentally installed the dead 280x...

Soon I'll rebuild it all in another case with a proper cooler on the cpu.

Has anyone used the FAH control application (unofficial)?
I don't particularly trust it running 24/7 unattended.

Been folding for the team. System is an i7-4770K (no OC) with GTX-750 Ti (Asus) running Kubuntu 16.04 OS. All the folding with this system has been on the CPU. I would like to use the GPU & tried following the Cuda Install Guide for Linux , but have had no luck and feel like I'm deep in a rabbit hole. Can anyone with Linux-fu help?

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I have no experience with linux but maybe someone will come along with knowledge.

If not you can always start a thread in the linux section and it will get more traction

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What's your estimated PPD with that setup?

about 330K, not a lot out of these 280xs

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Ah, killin' it. My GTX 770 jumps around in the 115-130K range. The i5-4670K around 10-15K.

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its fun but the time to run it is limited, shit house wiring will trip a breaker since half of the upstairs is on 1 15amp circuit

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Hi All, if you want to track the progress of the team day to day, i (started to) built a small little site a couple of weeks ago to do some data harvest/processing.



Just started Folding again. Using my Old [email protected] stable since new and just updated the gpu to 960 4gb strix card last summer. I was using new drivers and only getting 140k, rolled back to 37306 and im up to around 200k per day.
Probably do a new build after Ryzen comes out.
01.20, 3am 71,172 1
01.20, 12am 0 0
01.19, 9pm 0 0
01.19, 6pm 28,770 1
01.19, 3pm 31,052 1
01.19, 12pm 0 0
01.19, 9am 26,834 1
01.19, 6am 30,073 1
01.19, 3am 26,955 1

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Neat. :)

Hmm. After two ~10-11hr folds that would have netted me roughly 130k.... my score remains the same. No bueno...

Searching for "fail" or "error" in the log netted me with only 1 error:

I want to say it's not relevant given that's the only error, and I've had 2 large folds not net me any points even though I'm going uninterrupted on them with a GTX770.

maybe server maintenance? I've been folding all night and no update
I'll check back in a few hours

After my 280x finishes this last fold it's all getting stuffed into another chassis and the cpu is going under water

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Good point. I notice bourbon warrior is still sitting at (what I believe) is the same score he had yesterday. Judging by his score... I'd imagine he folds 24/7.

Nice! I wish my GPU was on water when folding... I'd imagine it'd be so much quieter.

I keep looking for a reason to build a rig in my old Node 605, and have considered a dual GPU folding rig. I wouldn't be able to water cool 'em in that chassis... which kinda makes me NOT want to build a folding rig in it. I just like that it's a horizontal case so it's on a shelf I have, and I already own it. Too bad GPU's running full tilt are loud.

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