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Level1 Space Station 13


yeah, but think about how smart the average youtube commenter is

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I’ll have to play this a bit … It sounds like it could be fun



start as an assistant, have the wiki open, and f3 will bring up mentor chat for live tutorials.

janitor, cargo loader, and chef/barkeep are good basic roles from there. Simple mechanics and you can still get up to a lot of mischief.

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I’m out…



It’s not for everyone, sure.

Thanks for letting us know you have nothing to contribute though I guess.

My Favorite Antagonist Tactics

drinking any spare fuel you find and eating a syndicate micro detonator, turning you into a barrel bomb with a dead man switch

Extracting all the crazy toxins from the cheap booze and putting it in the fancy whiskies, causing people that drink them to alternately vomit, hallucinate, recieve brain damage, and go blind

pulling up floor panels and just cutting random wires when no one’s looking.

capturing the wildlife on the mining outpost, putting it in a cargo box with something valuable on the manifest, and dragging it into plain view in medical, near security, or where something griefy’s already happened.

Injuring myself badly near robotics if the person running it looks competent, getting put in a borg

talking the quartermaster into arming the miners and stealing the weapons, scattering them around the station

Notable Moments

I accidentally gave someone the power to fart so hard it killed them and the people around them as a geneticist

Survived getting thrown out of an airlock and found a secret area I never would have otherwise on goonstation

Turned half the station into clowns as a wizard antag, they revolted and ended up winning the round

put microbombs in dozens of food items and got away with blowing up half the station by proxy

accidentally made pills that turned the test monkeys into people and made them barf up spiders instead of a drug requested by medbay when I was trying to learn the chemicompiler

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FUCKING lame sauce linux client :confused: good game concept though



works fine in wine if you make sure to install corefonts, theres a guide on the goonwiki.

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