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Level1 Space Engineers Server

I have an old 8 core Super Micro server laying around and I was thinking I would setup a dedicated Space Engineers server for the L1 community. I plan to set it up next weekend, but I figured I would get a feeler for how many people are interested and what suggestions they might have.

What would you guys like to see?


Iirc the dedicated server is severely single threaded. I used to love that game. It’s the only one I have my own workshop content for. I got tired of how bad the dedicated server was though. It’s worse than Minecraft Java edition imo.


I’d be down, the game has improved quite a lot over time but eventually sim drop will happen, there was something to help with that but I - WAIT I remember; it was called ‘Torch’, that’s what we used on a public server I moderated. I don’t know if its still used or who made it as I didn’t install it.

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I’ll look into that and see if I can set that up.

TBH, I just installed Star Citizen and have been playing that non-stop. Space Engineers still has a special place in my heart though. I can’t wait to get the server running.

given I have over 3000 hours in it and I have some ships that they used in trailer and in game, yeah im a bit biased and love it too bits so id love a public server for others to try it out, but I wish they could just improve that damn engine!

I and a few friends have it, will give it a go if there is a server.

damn, thats a bit of game time.

I have a more beefy machine I can donate cpu time on if people really want a server for it.

That would be fantastic but I feel not many here are into it, im probably in the small group that does lol.

a small group is fine so long as people actually play. I run into it all the time that people say they would play and then never end up doing that.


Do it!

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I heard they (the devs) were going to give up on space engineers. Is that still the case?

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Not from what I’m seeing. The game just isn’t getting more content. They’ve moved to bugfixes for final release.

Here’s an update from a couple months ago.


Nahh there was one youtuber who was adament the devs were scamming everyone and they were going to give up, captainmeow… like the ‘he whos name shall not be said’ in many SE discords; because they sent many people to spam many youtubers or content creators on those discords with spam messages about how they’re stupid and the owner of the game is a hack. Then there were more public spams of well… bannable things…

And after everyone started crapping on meows actions and the videos they posted; the developers streams on twitch had a huge increase in DDOS attacks where signal was always dropping and horrid internet speeds happened only during a live stream for say updates or some other important event.

They never wanted to give up, I have some close contacts due to me being a well known builder in the community and working with specific individuals; and I can safely say they still have ambitions for the game, so they idea of them wanting to stop is beyond false at the moment.

I say at the moment because Im speculating that SE is now a test bed for features that people actually want and if it is accepted enough… they would build a new engine to incorporate said additions. SE2 is everyones hope for a more stable and enjoyable experience atm.
The game is limited in many ways and everyone knows that, but going from a game that was single player/limited map size/20 blocks creative mode to a limitless planetary survival map with possible campaign editors and additional blocks for surviving and building… its quite a drastic but scary change; knowing patches on patches creates spaghetti code. I just hope for the best and Ive certainly got my $12 worth out of the game :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the very verbose explanation. :smiley: Really helps explain what’s going on.

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to put it lightly :skull:


Sorry guys, didn’t get it set up. Ill put it up tomorrow.


Just curious about the progress of the server, if you had something else to do then no worries; we’re in no rush :+1:

Yeah, sorry. Life gets in the way of video games sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll make sure it’s running by tomorrow night.

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understandable man , as I said no rush but once you do I’ll be one happy astronaut haha :smile:

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Tried to set it up in a VM, but the performance was trash. I’ll just install Win 10 on bare metal.

Any other games people want to see a server for?

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