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Amazon has been getting rid of nootropics for a few years. :frowning:

Shutting down terrorist streams is probably for control of the narrative. Often when terrorists respond to such things they claim retaliation for some other incident. So, with a flagging process such responses can be denied a platform before they can even respond. All they have to do is shut down flagged channels immediately following an incident.

Since these people don’t tend to appreciate the value of freedom of speech, it’s difficult to empathize with them :slight_smile: but it does deny the domestic population an informed understanding of the mindset of the opponent. Rather the understanding is narrated by the powers that be. It’s a bit Orwellian; to say the least.

It doesn’t seem to be such a problem; as the destruction is probably the most powerful influence, due to the suffering that tends to accompany it. There also tends to be a great deal of unification in times of hardship like that. It seems to be over reach.