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Level1 News September 26 2017: Pepe Strikes Back | Level One Techs



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The first problem with the whole warmart fridge thing is that some people are SUPER ANAL about how things are put in their fridges


I found what I looking for about the ccleaner issue. They now have more info.



Couldn’t artists just classify their Pepe related work as “fan art”? Which can be protected by law in most cases.


No. There are 4 factors a judge or jury use to determine if something is fair use. Classification by the defendant has no bearing on any of these. Fanfiction is not automatically protected by fair use either- most fanfiction is- in fact- infringing on copyright.

One of the factors of fair use is the purpose and character of the use. That means that your Pepe has a better chance of being protected under fair use if your work is transformative. Still no guaranteed win though. Especially if your work is only considered “slightly transformative” which is probably the case for most Pepes.


Thanks for the clarification. I was always a bit unclear where fan art stands.


Also “cyberdyne”!? lol. I’d sure like to see their liquid metal robot blueprints.


ya… wondered about that myself.


The Wallmart fridge topic…
Oh the possibilities. :grinning:

I mean would could possibly go wrong with providing someone else unfettered access to your home + fridge.
Shit getting stolen. Food getting spitin/shitin/poisoned because the delivery guy saw you belong to X.Y,Z political party.
Scratch that, crack dealers abusing it perhaps.

Oh need to install a bug in someones toilet? Pay the fridge delivery guy that only gets $11.50/hr about $500 or up to do it.

Or perhaps more insidiously, record on your eating habits and food preferences for advertising purposes?

Oh so many wonderful benefits to this :smiley:
Sign me up!


"Wow that would save soooo much time"
Spends 2 hours cleaning the fridge so the Wal-mart guy won’t think we’re slobs :slight_smile:

Wal-mart guy gets sick
Sue’s homeowner for growing bio-weapons in fridge


Smart IoT front door locks that have one time passes for a stranger to enter the house to restock your fridge, who you check upon with IoT Internet connected cameras inside you house through your phone?

Really what could possibly go wrong with this?

  • Way back in the day, and even now, some grocers deliver food to customers’ houses and put it in their fridge/freezer/pantry for them. There are also companies that will shop and deliver the groceries to your home. Most of the people that use that type of service are mothers on maternity leave, stay at home moms with infants, or disabled people. What’s cool about getting the groceries delivered from Walmart, is the camera system. Not everyone has their own home security system. So if you’re out and about you can check in and make sure that everything is alright. While if you did not have a home security system, you would worry yourself to death. The digital lock tho, is iffy. On PBS they showed how hackers can easily hack electronic locks on homes, cars and anything else.

  • Apple got hit hard with sales of the 8 in China. A store had its guard rails taken down, because they were deemed unnecessary as the crowd outside was small and they did not expect a lot of customers to come throughout the day. This can be pointed to the fact that Apple has huge competition in China. Last year Apple was ranked fifth in the Chinese mobile market. Huawaei lead the way, followed by, Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi. Chinese companies are making great high-end phones that sell for less then Apple’s iPhone. Apple did say that they have an ample supply of 8’s, so if sales are really bad the price surely would come down by a huge percentage. That could be seen as the best move for Apple to make, as it would increase its share in the Chinese mobile market.


Yes… this is an impossible level of trust extended to min wage delivery people.


HAHAHAHA …that’s comedy gold. XD XD

Don’t forget most of chinese people are very poor. They couldn’t possibly afford to pay several months of salary for a stupid phone every 2 years.


That’s where I see things like the trump pepe, space pepe and other transformative uses that make significant modifications to the character, standing a bigger chance against these lawsuits/C&D/whatever is happening.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got my popcorn and will be watching this show with great interest.

I’m waiting patiently for him to go after /pol/


In the instance of solar protections, it has to be acknowledged that the Chinese government is heavily subsidizing manufacturing in all sorts of sectors specifically so they crush competition. If we are going to admit that anti-competitive behavior is bad for consumers, this is equally on the table as such and is the sort of activity that causes me concern for our ability to support our own manufacturing base (as someone who works in manufacturing, I am biased of course).


You can get nachos and popcorn for movies here.
And beer :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy shit of course there are Nachos in cinemas :open_mouth: (in Germany at least)


I always end up getting some of the cheese sauce on my shirt! ALWAYS!


oh god the cheese sauce is amazing. Never been able to find anything like it in a regular store or even amazon… and the chio stuff is basically shit in comparison… I mean it’s good but… cmon.

About that Ford and Hololens thing… that’s pretty much what they showed in the original demonstration where they also showed… minecraft for whatever reason. They just did it with a Motorbike back then if I remember correctly. And also a plumber or something.

About the electric bus… I guess @ryan’s objection there is justified, but it would be interesting how the old record was done. Was it the same conditions? Cause if it was that’s pretty damn impressive, but if the old one was with a full bus on an offroad track against the wind… not so much.