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Level1 News October 10 2017: The Riskiest of Clicks | Level One Techs


Yeah, it is now some kind of blood sport to mess with Equifax now. Kind of like chickens pecking one of their injured buddies to death.

Maybe it will destroy them, maybe it will make them stronger!


Just out of curiosity - You guys aren’t using Firefox Quantum on Windows, are you? Because, afaik FX under Windows is a 32bit process, you need to specifically download the 64bit version of it.
Even though I strongly assume this to be a Linux machine and therefore this comment is rather unnecessary, I thought I might as well leave it here for others :wink:


Firefox Nightly installed the 64-bit version on mine automatically, I don’t think I ever selected anything for it.


So they finally switched…excellent! I switched manually about a year ago. 4GB of RAM doesn’t suffice!


Imagine Chrome having that limitation :smiley:


Six tabs is all you get!