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I do not like IPv6, apart from it being harder to remember/type addresses, I don’t like each of my devices on my LAN having a Unique IP. Which seems to be the default behavior for home routers.

That is really the whole point of IPv6. NAT was always a hack because we were running out of IPv4 addresses. it was just a consequence of having to use it that it provided some security to the devices behind it not showing their ip address publicly plus NAT has its own set of issue for communication with devices behind it. Ever played a game with Strict NAT type and couldn’t play it properly? that isn’t a thing with IPv6. Really In practice nothing really changes with IPv6, sure each machine on the network has its own public IPv6 address but it is still behind the firewall so it isn’t any less secure than using NAT and if your that worried about people know each unique machine on your network then you can always using a VPN or enable NAT on IPv6 which is possible just there isn’t really much of a point.

I suspect that their “shift away from CPUs” is about their new Xe dedicated graphics.

Not really. I looked at the Steam page for Jedi Falled Order, and this is what I saw:


Basically, the same problem that we have with Ubisoft games and Uplay.

There are a lot of cool privacy oriented ipv6 hacks out there though now such as randomly choosing ips from your subnet for a connection.

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That’s very interesting. I should look into that

If you’re wondering why just not use a computer, it’s because the work computer might have monitoring software.

When you’re at work, and you want to do anything that’s not work related, you should do it on your phone.

This seems like a way to stop employees from avoiding the monitoring.