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Noooooooo. :how will I be able to tell the gram fam that I want their big :eggplant: for thanksgiving. Or how will I run my nonprofit now without being able to tell people to suck on :peach:’s for their nutritional value?

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yeah living near that and seeing the praise people (hipsters) give it scares me, the dumbing down of society to be ‚Äėtrusting government and all they do to be good and for our benefit‚Äô is complete

ahh I see the project from world war 2 is alive and well! never landing nuclear bombers was a dream in ww2 so they could commence an attack without being seen.
Russia is still trying as well but they’re going around a vehicle to carry bombs and are just making the missiles never landing, we know this from that nuclear breach story from a while ago that involved a missile with nuclear propulsion… again a never landing bomber… man the world is scary, who knows whats already flying above us.

Regarding Facebook not screening candidate’s political ads: Lon Seidman pointed out that U.S. Federal law prohibits broadcasters from refusing to run political ads from politicians even if they contain blatant lies. (Lon’s comments ; also cited: Communications Act of 1934) Third-party ads though can be screened, apparently.

Also, if Facebook or any site could be held liable for lying in ads they host then that could be a threat to the Safe Harbor laws.