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Who is the pretty twitch girl??


What is the point of the SpaceX satellite constellation?
Would it just exist to drive the cost of Iridium down via competition?

Several of Iridiums satellites have even been launched by SpaceX


Where the hell was this E-sports shit when I was in the Army? I had to live with pinecone baseball with sticks found while shamming on detail when I was in, and by golly I liked it.

Robot surgery, the comedy of errors… so the doctor is going to do a normal surgery in a very new way but no time for training, complained about the tinny sound… but did not back out of the procedure at the very beginning after finding out speaker was not acceptable, which he checked… right? right? Then you have the people there who were supposed to take over should things go pear shaped… oh yeah lets just leave. And doctor Naar knew this, what the fuck. All the errors were complete common sense… test audio connections, if it doesn’t work, punt. Haven’t trained… punt. Proctors not staying… punt.