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Level1 News May 31 2019: The Saddest Cake In The World | Level One Techs


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If you want to bypass the free article limits on sites like Bloomberg, all you have to do is open them in incognito.



Sometimes. I think it was the New York Times that blocked my incognito tab, but I’ve encountered an issue there.

An issue that a deleted cookie fixed anyhow.



So with the DHL drone delivery… first you open the box, then they put your junk in the box? If a dildo or vibrator was being delivered that truly would be a dick in the box.

Sad part with the Arthur episode is the gay wedding really wasn’t the focal point. It was just kinda a side plot thing.

And seriously, you don’t think there will be Arthur’s gay wedding night porn? This has rule 34 written all over it.



Facebook having 2.38 billion active users out of 7.53 billion humans on Earth doesn’t seem right. I would be willing to bet that it’s inflated significantly. It’s been reported that as of April 2019, 3.2 billion humans use the internet. This suggests that well upwards of 2/3 of the people who use the internet use Facebook actively. Gotta say… I don’t buy it.