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Level1 News May 3 2019: Boil 'Em, Mash 'Em, Pepsi's Gonna Sue | Level One Techs


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Wait, our staunch allies in Saudi Arabia are committing civil rights violations? Noooooo wai! Good thing we would never round up a bunch of people and arrest them all at the same time:



Potatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow, although they do take some patience as they develop underground and out of sight. But you’ve probably never seen a packet of potato seeds for sale. Although potatoes do set seed, they are not grown that way because they do not grow true to seed. To get the variety of potato you want, you will need to grow them vegetatively, meaning you re-plant a part of the actual potato. These pieces of potato are referred to as seed potatoes, which can be a bit confusing because they are not seeds at all.



Its a good thing cops are trained at distracted driving and never create problems with their behavior.

And for the pesky accidents that injure or kill someone… just codify that as long as they are doing work, its a lawful killing. Yes, he was acting lawfully when he ran over the biker.

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Yeah I’ve got some in a container now, I’ve tried growing them in the past with… mixed results lol. I dug up a few shriveled sad potatoes but not much else that year-- it was a wet season and they didn’t do great. Hoping this years crop actually produce a bit.

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Sorry… Wendell was confusing it. :slight_smile: The old tooth pick in the glass of water method works well. The " eyes " which is basically the sprouts. Cut out small sections leaving a bit of potato for nutrients. You can have many " Eyes " from a single potato. Plant shallow with the eyes up. Once it starts growing well be sure to pile loose soil around the plant base, constantly. You do not actually want them to grow down. A well prepared bed will make life a great deal easier. Deep plow a couple of feet down. I will drag my farmer shoebox back in…:grin:

Nothing worse than a sunburnt potato and potentially toxic.

Temper this with some common sense and factor for conditions of your location and it will succeed more than it will fail.




Linux really wants to update :^)

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For some reason I thought that that was windows.




:joy: it’s only because of UKUU’s update notifier



I am hoping someone uses a screenshot of this for a pull request to fix it

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Should just be able to to change it via the combo box:

If kernel update is available to Do Nothing via the settings menu in ukuu-gtk.

Then again I’m running the paid version so i dunno.



Defaults man defaults :smiley: also if it’s up don’t display a new one



Definitely a bug then :^)



Double posting, but the problem is that the main Github repo is archived, and in read-only mode.

(the paid version is also closed source now.)