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I have an android phone but my wife has an iPhone, Hulu’s app on iOS is horrendous and does not play well at all with our Chromecasts.

I’m no security expert, but I wouldn’t put it past Hulu to use the front facing camera. It will be interesting to see if Hulu’s iOS app improves or worsens with the onset of Disney lording over it.

And yes, the ads are all over the place unless you pay for no ads, in which case, you’re over paying anyways.

We have been proactively moving away from their streaming service.

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Come on @kreestuh, we are never going to get old, that’s just a fallacy of previous generations.

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The reason why some games were unlisted is because the publishers /developers were not told beforehand, and didn’t want the sale.

On any other platform publishers/developers must agree with any sale, but not on Epic.

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I really like the animated wallpaper in the background. Where did you get it?

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