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0:58 - Huawei willing to sign 'no-spy' pacts with governments: chairman 1:56 - Trump administration hits China's Huawei with one-two punch 3:46 - White House launches tool to report censorship on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter 7:44 - FCC announces plan to put an end to robocalls 9:39 - 5G likely to mess with weather forecasts, but FCC auctions spectrum anyway 11:32 - San Francisco just banned facial-recognition technology 13:21 - Supreme Court says Apple will have to face App Store monopoly lawsuit 15:13 - The NYPD uses altered images in its facial recognition system, new documents show 17:50 - Accused of ‘Terrorism’ for Putting Legal Materials Online 20:13 - New York considers fining pedestrians for texting while crossing 22:28 - West Virginians were promised coding jobs in Appalachia. Now they say it was a fraud 25:28 - Netflix tax: Chicago successfully taxes streaming services 27:48 - UK hacking powers can be challenged in court, judge rules 28:40 - GozNym cyber-crime gang which stole millions busted 29:49 - Eric Schmidt Defended Google’s Censored Search for China 31:15 - The Great Firewall of China blocks off Wikipedia 32:42 - Japan plans to create 10 billion 14-digit phone numbers as 5G era nears 34:35 - Hotstar, Disney’s Indian streaming service, sets new global record for live viewership 36:52 - Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg CNBC interview 40:16 - Facebook has struggled to recruit since Cambridge Analytica scandal 42:13 - Facebook will increase pay for its contractors in North America 43:13 - Facebook shuts down an Israeli firm’s effort to influence politics in West Africa 44:42 - Insider Poll: 40% of Americans want antitrust action against Facebook 45:09 - Bernie Sanders becomes latest 2020 candidate to call for Facebook breakup 46:57 - Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile to FCC: Location Data Selling Is Over, Mostly 48:18 - Verizon’s 5G network is now hitting gigabit download speeds 49:27 - Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Acquire Cray for $1.3 Billion 51:09 - Scientists create mind-controlled hearing aid 54:39 - Ticketmaster puts an end to screenshots with new digital ticket technology 56:41 - Epic discounts entire Game Store library in storewide “Mega Sale“ 58:15 - Microsoft open-sources a crucial algorithm behind its Bing Search services 59:40 - Lenovo launches ThinkReality AR and VR headset for enterprises 1:02:05 - Walmart announces next-day delivery, firing back at Amazon 1:03:27 - Disney is taking full control of Hulu 1:06:17 - Lenovo unveils world's first foldable PC, coming in 2020 1:07:17 - Samsung reportedly readying Galaxy Fold for release after finding ‘fix’ 1:09:16 - Intuit CEO in Internal Video: Hiding Free TurboTax Was In “Best Interest of Taxpayers” 1:11:59 - Kickstarter will not voluntarily recognize its employee union 1:13:12 - Tesla rolls out battery software update after car catches fire in Hong Kong 1:14:38 - Amazon rolls out Alexa Guard, to help protect your home while you’re out 1:16:31 - Intel CPUs impacted by new Zombieload side-channel attack 1:18:29 - Hackers abuse ASUS cloud service to install backdoor on users’ PCs 1:19:57 - Close to 735K Fraudulently Obtained IP Addresses Have Been Uncovered and Revoked, ARIN Reveals 1:21:53 - The Trade Secret: Firms That Promised High-Tech Ransomware Solutions Almost Always Just Pay the Hackers 1:23:45 - WhatsApp discovers 'targeted' surveillance attack 1:24:43 - Boost Mobile says hackers broke into customer accounts 1:26:42 - AI predicts PUBG player placement from stats and rankings 1:29:51 - Who to Sue When a Robot Loses Your Fortune 1:32:25 - Is pop music really getting sadder and angrier? 1:35:34 - Russian bots rigged Voice Kids TV talent show result 1:37:58 - Driverless electric truck starts deliveries on Swedish public road 1:40:02 - This Company Is Betting the Future Is Personal AI Avatars, So It Made Me One 1:42:04 - Drone laws: Japan prepares to ban flying unmanned aerial vehicles under the influence of alcohol 1:43:12 - Exclusive: Amazon rolls out machines that pack orders and replace jobs 1:45:35 - Tesla’s Autopilot was engaged when Model 3 crashed into truck, report states 1:47:07 - This robotic finger attachment for your smartphone will gently caress your hand 1:49:18 - U.S. Birthrate Is Lowest In 32 Years, CDC Says 1:50:55 - World’s first living organism with fully redesigned DNA created 1:52:45 - Moon's Shrinking May Be Causing Moonquakes 1:54:39 - Brain scans reveal a ‘pokémon region’ in adults who played as kids

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