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Level1 News May 17 2019: One Hell Of A Workout | Level One Techs


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The “workout” was the tesla taylor story, im betting.

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Canned water. Because aluminum is so much healthier than plastic…

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OK, can someone give me a logical reason as to why you would read in something, after determining it was secure you cache it only to re-read that data in again but not check security again? Maybe I’m too much of a simpleton but you have the shit cached, why go through the song and dance of bringing the same shit back in? I’ve been wracking my brain trying to see any sort of reason for this and frankly coming up blank, which is normal.

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BitCoin is being hyped again. It may not be a coincidence that promotion of long term investment practices is also being hyped. It would be a boon to any market to distance itself from as much volatility as possible. On the other hand, I doubt that the differences in volume would be lost on a seasoned VC.

Day trading in the .com boom reeked havoc on the stock market though. Large numbers of day traders nickel and dimed it into a much worse state. Of course the fact that that is essentially distribution of wealth in practice tells a kind of horror story about the productions of Wall St… It just can’t survive distributing wealth. Its’ job is to tie it up in investments and incentives; and the side effect is aggregation.

At the same time, most market analysts are harsh on ICOs. The “intuition” that they share concerning its’ viability is generally negative. This is strange considering how agile that market place is. It has probably innovated as much in its’ lifetime as the stock market has in its’ lifetime. Of course the main stream only tells the bad news.

It would not be a stretch at all to suggest that Wall St. may be trying to drive volatility toward BitCoin as a competitive strategy. It would surprise me if underhanded things weren’t going on to cast negative dispersions on crypto in general. BitCoin is the biggest name and probably the easiest target. ICOs would be able to defend themselves pretty well.

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