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Eurasia :slight_smile: That is a whole lot of "I told you so" .

@kreestuh ...

Interestingly enough i would prefer to hear why you think Turin is worse...:stuck_out_tongue:

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@ryan Yeah I get what you mean, you did specifically say Europe in the last episode. Please, have a laugh at us Europeans "going nuts" over semantics :slight_smile: However (and I'm sure you're aware of this), it'd be the same if I said something along the lines of "You Americans are always saying we Europeans are so god damned holy with our citizen rights and democracy, but you shouldn't feel too holy yourself, look at what the government of Venezuela have evolved into..." You'd say, well it doesn't really apply to me as a US citizen, because of national borders and legislative zones and stuff.

Edit: Let me clarify. I don't know where the "going nuts" comments were posted. I have only read the comments on this forum, in which I didn't see anything I'd classify as nuts going.

Some info for next week's corrections section :wink:

Unfortunately, the data about Germany getting their energy needs covered to 85% by renewables is wrong. The real number is somewhere close to 14% and around 28% if you just consider electricity. Those 85% are probably something like a maximum number on a sunny and windy day, but the annual average is much worse. The government's goal is actually to get to 18% by 2020.


Watching this episode made me realise how shit the world is and makes me sad I was born too soon to leave it.

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The planet is fine, it is the species that sucks.

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On the topic of high-speed trading and microwave connections, you may find this research article interesting/funny (if you can get past the finance technicalities and abundant terminology in it):


Essentially, because microwave provides the advantage to these traders, and microwaves' signal quality depends on weather conditions, the authors can estimate the impact of rain, of all things, on market outcomes. That's right, for all our high-tech, XXI century trading refinement, market outcomes depend on the same primitive forces as our neolithic agrarian economy (well, yes, to some extent only :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Interestingly enough, when weather conditions remove the closest-guy advantage, the market ends up being more liquid and less volatile. I haven't gone through the details, but it's probably not surprising given that these micro-second advantages can only be exploited by automatic algorithm trading, which has been shown to explain more recent volatility spikes (due to most algorithms being very similar to each other).

Funny stuff :smiley: