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Level1 News May 14 2019: Life After Thot: An Instagram Tragedy | Level One Techs


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THe perfect emotion-less girl to play zuck would be that steward girl from the vampire movie



12:19 IEX went online in 2012 and is still chugging along. Sure, it isn’t ruling the universe yet, but it’s doing all right for a new stock exchange.

26:00 Charging electric vehicle owners $1k/year is the equivalent of someone paying state gasoline tax on over six gallons a day (15 gallons under the old 18¢ tax). My old Saturn does over 30 MPG city, so even at that lowball comparison the EV owners would have to drive over 180 miles per day to break even against gasoline cars. I think Illinois just hates car owners:
“Chicago Sued Over Insane Impound Process” [17 min.]

40:18 Methinks Ryan doth protest too much… Don’t be surprised if pony versions of you four (and maybe Boiler Snake too) start showing up on Deviantart soon. :wink:

46:01 “Starbuck” perhaps?

Thanks again, guys.



I wonder if you could build a horse-less wagon (of course electric) and get around the electric car tax?



@wendell Is there any way to fix the formatting so that these forum posts have each timestamp on a separate line?
At the moment it’s just an unformatted wall of text.



There’s a lot of hype going on with the new stock exchange; but the degree of change seems pretty light handed. It looks more like the expected evolution of existing markets; as opposed to a fresh new face. Many of the policies that are built into the new market model are policies that are already implemented and NYSE and NASDAQ boards.

They’re trying to protect the businesses from the negative aspects of short term investing; while also allowing short term investors to profit. They’re doing it by changing voting policies… which is already being done. The major difference is that, it being built into the system allows the more positive practices to be incentivised with rewards across the board. I suspect that it’s more practical to build and test in a new exchange than it is to patch existing exchanges -> in uncertain times <-. More competition between exchanges could have a positive effect on innovation and reform; but I doubt that it will be able to keep up with what seems to be coming with novel markets… not by a long shot.

So they’re just taking policies that are already being implemented, and building them into a new security exchange. It’s a pretty good idea; but it’s likely to have a small effect.


It’s pretty clear now that everyone involved in Facebook is forming an exit strategy. The things that they will probably be concerned with is preserving as much of the inflated stock value as possible and also the projects that Facebook has invested in. They’re probably testing ideas by just throwing them out there. I wouldn’t feel confident in saying they’re committed; but they wouldn’t be speaking in this context at all if the 2 to 5 year projections weren’t very very bad.



Meanwhile in Germany I’ve never seen a rented apartment with a smart lock.