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Toothfairies… What do they do with all those teeth? All. those. teeth.

Always the bike people… Yes, we’re coming for you Krista! :joy:

Regarding the Facial Recognition on Champions League…

Well, first of.



So. Now that we have the important part out of the way.
To be honest yes, it is scary that it is that wrong. But on the other hand, they didn’t act on it for good reason. They probably knew it was faulty and this was probably just a test run (I assume).
I mean in the end this is software development, no program is perfect from the start right? I mean, they need false positives to fix the issues, no?
To be honest I would be more scared if this thing was “100%” accurate. Because then they would use this everywhere and if it flags someone wrong one time they are basically f**ked, because how are you going to argue that it flagged you wrong if it was “100%” accurate the rest of the time.
So in a way it’s good they are still throwing up false positives. Now of course it’s a rather big percentage of false positives, but I would imagine they are working on that with those false positives.

Also, general question because this seems to come up every now and then. What’s up with the turn right on red thing… are you generally not allowed to turn right on a red light? What? Or is that only on specific roads or… cause… you know, I need to turn right some time…

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(China bus driver EEG)

I’m no doctor but that thing probably does work; if all they are after is a rough estimate of mood. EEGs usually are attached to clean, bare scalp; but the field that they read extends another several millimeters. It’s essentially like those interactive games with the EEG headset that detects mood. Working prototypes of such things exist.


It’s way out of line not just because of people who have emotional issues. For instance, it could be used to discriminate against people with anxiety disorders, mood disorders and such. It’s a crossed line also because what a person feels or thinks isn’t really relevant to performance. It’s about their behaviors.

I personally have severe Pure O OCD. My emotional state is riddled with incoherence and anxiety; however my behavior is stoic and assertive. There is little correlation between the brain state of interest and my behavior. There is the obvious compensation; but that is second order logic that requires other knowledge. The point is, if a person is conducting themselves in an acceptable manner, It’s no one else’s business what is going on in their head. in my case, and in everyone else’s who have a condition that effects their emotional state, it kind of crosses over into medical information.

It’s just invasive all the way around. I doubt that it would have a favorable use in the workplace. A little bit of knowledge tends to be more dangerous than a lot of it. That’s what this is.

We haven’t seen the last of GPP Nvidia is definitely operating in stealth mode, asus and other companies are continuing with the branding…


Well… “continue”… The AREZ only officially came out a few days before nvidia canceled it and they already invested in it… besides, changing that stuff back takes time either way, regardless if or when nvidia would have canceled it again, it doesn’t go from one day to the next.

Well when the other brands who haven’t announced anything yet still do in the coming months you’ll see I’m right.

Pepper… the robots are going to be hacked to describe Goatse.

As far as the last story… a far better sign hack would have been “Has anyone seen Kyle?” Much less obvious.

Re: Stack Overflow

I wonder what kind of an effect this will have. Part of what is/was wonderful about SO was that the rules and expectations set an emphasis on the content, and respecting the time of your fellow users:

  • You do not answer or comment unless you have something helpful to add, because to do otherwise would be to waste the time of the next person who happened across your post.
  • You follow the rules, because if you do not, it is disrespectful to the users and moderators who need to spend their time correct you.
  • You stay on topic, because if you do not, you are taking time away from others who are asking for their on-topic question to be answered.

What I think is important is that, yes, some people are snarky and rude constantly, some people are snarky and rude sometimes, some rarely, and some never, but no matter your disposition, you were expected to be helpful and keep your opinions (mostly) to yourself. You were expected to respect the time of others above all else.

Whether intentionally or inadvertently, this made even the most snarky people still valuable members of the userbase as long as they did their best to follow the rules. Everyone was forced to respect each other, and that is a beautiful thing, and rare to find on the internet.

What concerns me is that the way they want to be “welcoming” seems to lessen the respect that is expected of new users, and I think that is a harmful mistake.

SO was already a very “welcoming” place if you were willing to read the rules or at least infer from what you saw elsewhere on the site. Apart from anti-spam limitations based around reputation points, a new user was treated as an equal and was required to act with respect to the time of others. If you did not follow the rules, you were admonished, sometimes politely, sometimes curtly, depending on who took the time to respond to you.

Note that your failure to follow the rules wasted some else’s time; if they were slightly annoyed, the least you could do was be understanding.

In light of this environment, asking everyone to “start being welcoming” seems like a slap in the face. What does welcoming mean in this context, when everyone was already afforded equal respect from the moment they joined?

It’s also disturbing to see in the footnotes:

² If you’re shaking your head thinking, “not me,” I’d encourage you to take these implicit bias tests, specifically the Race IAT and the Gender-Career IAT. If you’re like me, they’re going to hurt.

There is something Scientology-esque about treating IATs in this way, and beating yourself up over the results. It’s a reaction time test; it, like the E-meter, is not a magical window into your soul.