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YouTube can restrict PragerU videos because it is a private forum, court rules.

So, to only way to guarantee freedom of speech would be to have an online forum that’s owned by the government?

Like the FCC website comment section?

No one is stopping you from creating your own online platform and using it for whatever speech you want. This is the intersection of property rights and free speech. Your graffiti, my wall.

Sure it is more nuanced than that and youtube/google is uncomfortably in bed with the government, but no one has to use it.

Which is why I was saying, that there should be a forum that isn’t private.

“No one has to use it”. So what your saying is, that you don’t really need your YouTube channel.

The problem with creating a new private platform (aside from not everybody being able to create a platform) is that it won’t be as effective, because it won’t reach as many people.

How many people could you reach just with this forum, without the help of your YouTube channel?

If a random person creates a new platform, then nobody will hear about it, but if a government creates a platform, then everybody will hear about it, and since it’s not private, then freedom of speech can be enforced.

Not every government is as corrupt as the American government.

Not saying that other countries are perfect, just not as bad.