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So theoretically I can make my defibrillator play The Final Countdown when I die. Change the error music to be the music from Jeopardy…

Probably only has enough memory for Jeopardy though. You would think that a $30,000 computer would have more memory. I mean what if some one wants to kill me in a really elaborate way but doesn’t have enough space for that kind of program.

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that was a mullet

This is the best timeline of Lord of the Rings. If you can animate it somehow voice over this insanity and make it a Level1 joke video.

@kreestuh Make sure to remind people to pay their rent (or house payment) in the next news video, that is super serial your viewing audience has a place to live in the next month.

When I saw the crazy expensive iMac Pro config, I looked up the equivalent prices for a Talos II’s OEM RAM:

  • an iMac Pro has 4 slots, so the 256 GiB must be 4 x 64 GiB. You pay $5200 more than the 32 GiB config (probably 4 x 8 GiB).
  • the Talos config pages charge $790 for 4 x 8 GiB and $5900 for 4 x 64 GiB — so $5120 more
  • PCPartPicker lists 64 GiB RDIMMs for ~600 or ~660 from Kingston or Crucial respectively, which would only be $2400 total

Is overpriced OEM RAM just the norm?
Who actually pays this rather than installing their own?

It’s especially weird with Raptor, they are more than willing to sell you a bare mainboard; how would inflating the prices on RAM actually work? The Samsung M393A8K40B22-CWD is the only 64 GiB RDIMM officially tested by them on the compatibility list, is that module wildly more expensive for some reason?

I don’t get it. Am I missing something?

Its a crApple iMac… installing your own is probably not an option.

It’s definitely an option, just a risky and unsupported one; Apple can use that to trick people into overpaying for RAM. Talos has easily replaceable RAM though, and the RAM price is still inflated.

Both use ECC, and probably RDIMMs at that capacity, right? So Raptor/Talos has a similar markup to Apple but no way to force the customer to pay it; so who would actually buy it? That would be one hell of a “convenience” installation fee.

Right, and how many people that buy one of these things will take the risk? 1% at best? So the point really is moot.

Meh… Homeless people have smartphone and data plans not too much to worry about they can still view the forums and watch the videos.

How many homeless people watch the LVL1 news? Do a study!

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And go outside!? Are you mad!


No one ever got fired for buying (insert high priced brand here)

Companies that need 100% support and blamability. You don’t want to be the one at the end of the finger pointing when the ram fails. Or any part for that matter. So you go big and go trusted and then when it fails you can say well it should work this is the recommended/industry standard/trusted X

Suck it up buttercup.

This is further evidence to suggest that pirates have found a way to decrypt 4K source files from the iTunes store. How, exactly, remains a mystery.

You don’t need to decrypt the files.

Just play back the movies and then record them with an HDCP stripper.