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As a New Zealander I feel like I have to clarify that the government is not trying to get of any trace of what happened so much as the propaganda video the guy made. News footage etc is fine, glorifying and sharing around this guy’s footage and ideas is a no-go.

Yes, we have different rules and a different idea about what you are allowed to do in society and we’re quite happy with it. We agree that as a peaceful society certain things cannot be allowed to flourish so we try not to let it. Our country is not perfect and we do have racism but nowhere near what countries like the US and Australia are like.

The thing that should be shared is the suffering and stories of the victims, not the perpetrator’s life story and manifesto - that is what he wanted.

We often have suppression around court cases etc for victims and alleged criminals, and it works well to avoid polluting public opinion and to allow justice to happen properly in the courts.

For those who wish to help:


So much this.

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Wendell hasn’t contracted anything, just leftover winter storage of M&M’s inside his mouth. As for the dynamic mic’s (?) don’t get professional cos you’ll loose the “Hick” appeal the channel has. One of the best shows this week guys!


Did you mean metal mattress or metal box spring?


If someone were using proton/dxvk to play counter strike on linux… how bad/safe are you?

The song was third eye blind

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Ryan has two cats!!!

Good for you man, they will wear down that wall and eventually they’ll find a balance of bothering you VS entertaining themselves.

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Our cat was very demanding when we first adopter her, it turned out that she was trying to get me to follow her places or give her things. It should die down the longer Crouton lives there. See if Crouton is trying to get you to follow her? She may be a bored and intelligent kitten.


Instead of kittens Ryan decided to get some pet memes – Crouton and Toast? :wink: Now he needs to coat all of his computer cables with a capsaicin-based ointment so that his little kitties learn not to attack them. (Ghost Pepper sauce works too, but the other ingredients could attract pests… like obnoxious hot sauce aficionados.)

22:02 “Gee, Asians and Americans have different cancer rates? It must be the metal bed frames!” No wonder people have no respect for doctors and scientists anymore.

I am wondering where the cop is going to end up, he has to have a line on a job somewhere.

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Small correction on the WinRAR bug:
It’s not the RAR archive format that’s affected, but the ACE format, because they were using a third-party-DLL for that, and it’s that DLL that’s affected.

Also this has already been patched, a day after it was released there was a beta, and the release was shortly after.

Also props to @ryan for actually buying it :stuck_out_tongue: I just use 7zip at this point :man_shrugging:

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These photos are from social media. If the privacy settings on these photos is set to everyone, then everybody can see it, not just the police.

People just don’t understand, that with the wrong privacy settings, those photos are public, not private. How exactly do you stop the police from using stuff, that’s publicly available?

Because there’s not a separation between the radio firmware and the rest of the firmware of the system, then the hole system ends up being locked down.

That separation exists on PC. Why not make such a separation on routers and phones as well?