Level1 News March 16 2018: Flippy We Hardly Knew ye #spatulasoutforflippy | Level One Techs

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Down goes Flippy! Down goes Flippy! We got him! (TYT)

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Can we get a official time on when wendell finally arrived at the office?

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If Flippy can’t keep up with demands. Maybe they should just develop a personal use flippy? It would be worth if it cooks me perfect hamburgers.

I’m sure Flippy 2.0 will do better.

Super Monster Wolf is another good band name.



ouch.Wendell was late even for wendell time XD

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I am planning on doing the hot coil challenge, but I have a gas stove, so how do I proceed? Also is fire hot?

Your gonna need 2 buckets, a horse, and a gallon of lube

I found plastic bucket and a frying pan, so check.

Couldn’t get one of those, but I do have a dead raccoon in my pick-up.

Don’t have any, but I do have gallons of laundry detergent from another challenge.

…I think I am all set.


On a side note; thats disgusting, get your head out of the gutter.


Tiny correction on @ryan (though I assume you know this and just didn’t say it very well :P), you talked briefly about index funds with the coin base thing… DOW Industrial Index, S&P 500 and NASDAQ - those are indexes, not index funds.
An index fund would be a fund that invests in the stocks of companies present in the underlying index. This would be a (usually actively managed) proper index fund.
Alternatively there are also (passively managed) ETFs, which only orient themselves on the performance of an underlying index, but do not necessarily invest into stocks of the underlying index.

This is also the reason why I’m confused how there can be an “index fund” for coins, when there is no actual index for crypto coins like there is for actual stocks … ???

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The public is not taking the news about Flippy well


Flippy sucked and had to be retired on day one :slight_smile: I guess there is a little something to said about the novelty of it all. Some day in the future it will be the norm.

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Clearly the hover board had enough of your shit. Is this what mass robot protests are gonna look like? XD

@kreestuh, I thought my dog would wake me up in the morning when I got him, and he did for about a month. Now he sleeps in later than I do. If I get up before the sun, he just looks at me like I’m crazy for a second, and then lays his head back down. If I stay up late and sleep in till noon, he just sleeps in with me. So … don’t set your doggy expectations too high.

You also mentioned you want a big dog, but it might not be a good fit with your apartment. Mine is a Greyhound / German Shepherd and he’s been fine in some pretty small apartments. Greyhounds are known for sprinting 10 min a day and being lazy 23:50 a day. So, he just lays on the bed during the day and the couch at night. He goes crazy running after stuff though at the park and is super fun to play with. I don’t regret getting a big dog over a small one, the little ones are yappy. I think it’s because of the fight or flight mechanism; their legs are too short to run, so they have to fight.

My suggestion would be to go to the shelter and walk around and see if one connects with you. I never would have thought my dog’s breed would be a good fit in my home, but he knew better than I when he picked me as his owner.

Good luck in your search and I hope you get a puppy!!!

You have cats? Make sure it’s a puppy so he can learn cat signals.