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Ayyyy a OneTab this time!

This was a particularly nice episode to watch. I felt like the team was working well… keeping each other in check and also everyone contributed to a good hearty chuckle.

“Beware the ides of March”


You can’t really judge Facebook by stock prices or predict them. Facebook is just too good at manipulating them. They’ve been busted for inflating their ad revenue value; by giving their partners false information, several times. (this is a gray area that can’t be considered insider trading) I’m wondering just how hard they are working on locating and removing fake accounts… because there are a lot of them; at any given time. I doubt very seriously that they would try to calculate how many there are; for correction of their subscriptions estimates. Make no mistake though; their ship is sinking. Their actions aren’t based in greed. They are based in desperation.

That being said, bot nets are probably the largest contributor to the “ad bubble”.

Using two factor for ad revenue may serve its’ initial purpose; but it puts user data in insecure servers all over the web. This creates multiples of the same data that ad companies don’t have direct access to. The only way for them to deal with it is to adjust their compensation. It’s an over-complicated problem with an over-simplified “solution”; and the user bears the brunt of the risk.

Zuck just doesn’t understand the problems he faces. He doesn’t understand people, society or distribution. He just doesn’t get it; and he’s very poor at empathizing. He makes his bread and butter off of impulse and he still believes that cognition shapes society. It’s dissonance between what he thinks about himself and what he thinks of others. He might be better at being human if he would accept that he is human.

@wendell rapping about hacking, ytcracker

And then (not hacking) a goodie, Ronald Jenkees “56k”

ryan and krista wow you trust reddit, you havent considered reddit is targetting you like facebook even when you arent logged in, im outside of the USA and when not logged in and r/all arent full of cortez, just use the “Reddit Enhancement Suite” filter function

Anti vaxx is a big business selling lectures, books and movies. the idiot who faked the autism vaccine link research still goes around lecturing.

i suggest bans for anti social will go the way the video games industry would like by paying an exponential fine, asshats get fined and banned for a while and the parents murder the little shits, win-win.

you are part of the problem if you report on stupid ideas meant to get attention from politicians, to get them on any media.

hobby shaming sucks, people who paid for items nostalgic for old games, tv shows and movies in the background of the youtube show they produce shouldnt kink shame.