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Level1 News March 12 2019: SPOILER ALERT | Level One Techs


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At 1:31 when @wendell says, “I love you all” I was half expecting it to be followed with “I love most” from @kreestuh and “I don’t” from @ryan or some sort of gag of that nature.

Pro Criminal tip for Ajit Pai

At 5:28, although Wendell doesn’t call it that.




Did you ever see a music video for Puttin on the Ritz? They superimposed Putin over somebody. It was awesome. I cant find the video anymore. It was a fan made one. Nothing official.

edit: I found it.


That’s… disturbing.


Good lord…


And FYI guys… that Porsche has a wing, not a spoiler, so your thumbnailing it wrong. Below is a spoiler equipped car, 1975 IMSA GTU Datsun 260Z to be exact.




About Facebook, I have a better idea.

What if there was a way for different social media platforms to talk to each other.

If you look at other services, like e-mail, if you have a gmail account, that doesn’t stop you from sending e-mails to yahoo or hotmail accounts.

What if users from one social media platform could follow users on other platforms.

That way social media platforms could actually compete with each other, instead of everybody being on Facebook because their friends are on Facebook.

Is it required to do driving classes and get a license for these scooters? If not, then maybe this is the problem.


There are a whole bunch of open source projects working on this already:

The Federation refers to the interaction between the more traditional (Facebook-like) networks, like Diaspora*, Hubzilla, Friendica, etc.

Fediverse refers to the interaction between micro-blogging (Twitter-style) sites, like GNU Social, Pleroma, Mastodon, and others.


Create this company, get funding, go public and you’ll be the next Reddit.


I’m probably going to annoy some of you, but the only way to make this popular is by passing laws to force the likes of Facebook and Twitter to participate.


That likely won’t happen; and more to the point I’m not convinced it should it happen. It’s not the government’s responsibility to enforce feature requests for users that are unwilling to switch to get the experience they want.


It’s not just any feature. It’s an antitrust feature.


Fascinating – from “fake news” “Russia!!!” in 2017, to pro-corporate/advertiser censorship 2 years later (at the latest, who knows how often this is applied already):
@wendell, for the news?

This week, YouTube recategorized “Brie Larson” as a news-worthy search term. That does one very important job: it makes the search algorithm surface videos from authoritative sources on a subject. Instead of videos from individual creators, YouTube responds with videos from Entertainment Tonight, ABC , CBS , CNN , and other news outlets first.