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Had to keep rereading the title given the time but it still remained the same with each reading.


There’s already a site that tracks the menstrual cycles of underage girls: HelloFlo! But their videos are hilarious, especially First Moon Party

Steve Lehto did a breakdown of the emoji case: Basically, unless you’re actually designing it, don’t use emoji – or even emoticons – in anything that could possibly end up in court.

I truly hope that Pinterest bites it, for the reasons Krista explained, though it’s sad that Google couldn’t have figured out how to link to specific pages on Pinterest, Deviant Art, etc. instead of the constantly-changing aggregate pages — and don’t get me started on why Google even tracks search-result pages!

Thanks again.

So would there be just an entry in FB’s database with a boolean IsMenstruating? Maybe there would be an entire table with not only menstruation status but flow type, what form of hole plugging is used(pads,tampons, wings, no wings, etc), whether the person cramps and most of all what field of daisies do they run through celebrating their period.

Just remember guys, every “bless you” is a like, therefore when it comes to thoughts and prayers they can really add up. And as we all know how do you beat illness… thoughts and prayers.

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In relation to that first facebook story, I found a youtube interview.

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